S-hertogenbosch, Holland

Your Essential Travel Guide To 's-Hertogenbosch

S-hertogenbosch, Holland

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's-Hertogenbosch, simply called 'Den Bosch', is a city in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and also the capital of the province of North Brabant.

Prince Henry I founded a city on the forested dunes, among wetlands, and granted him city rights and trade permits in 1185. The city was built as a fortress to defend against invasions from the Netherlands and Gelderland.

The full name of the city means "Forest of the Governor" or "Prince’s Forest". City’s name is also associated with the painter Hieronymus Bosch, known for his symbolism.

St John's Cathedral, S-hertogenbosch

What to visit?

Visit St John's Cathedral which was built in 1220 and is known for the Brabant Gothic architecture. It is also the largest Catholic building in the Netherlands. Pay attention to the organs and figures of craftsmen in arches.

Another important site is The Citadel – a fort built in the 17th century to defend the city against attacks by the Spaniards. For centuries, the building served as a prison, barracks and also studies for artists before it was established in the Historical Information Center of Brabant.

You should also visit city hall, designed by Jan Derk Ennis, who was one of the people responsible for the design of the St John's Cathedral.

It’s also worth mentioning The Moriaan building, the oldest brick building in the country, which is located on the main square in the city centre. Building now houses the tourist information office.

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