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Camping in Ireland

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Your travel guide for Ireland with the camper

Ireland is a real treasure for nature lovers! Load up your mountain bike, start the engines and head to Ireland in your camper or caravan to experience the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife up close. Travel along the scenic coastline and into the heart of the legendary Emerald Isles and get ready for an adventure like no other!

Here you can read when is the best time to travel, what the highlights are of camping on the island and how you can travel to Ireland by ferry from Dunkirk with your vehicle.

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The best time to travel to Ireland with a camper

With our ferry to Ireland you can reach your destination in just under 24 hours from Dunkirk, France. Cross the Channel in your campervan and start your holiday relaxing in our restaurants and bars on board the ferry to Rosslare, in the south-east of the island.

The best time for camping, hiking and wildlife watching is from May to September. During this period you can enjoy long days and pleasant temperatures up to 20°C. Always take weatherproof clothing with you, because the weather is changeable. There are a number of excellent campsites to choose from for your camper holiday. Some of the most popular campsites in Ireland include Glen of Aherlow in Tipperary, Connemara in Galway and Blarney in Cork. Spend the night among the green hills or on Ireland's Atlantic coast and listen to the sounds of nature!

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Hiking and wildlife spotting in Ireland

Immerse yourself in the fairytale beauty of the Irish countryside. Enjoy the freedom to spontaneously adjust your route and make unexpected discoveries. Start your trek through the majestic mountains from the Wicklow Way campsite. Discover the Carrauntoohill walking route and scenic lakes such as Lough Leen from Glenbeg Camping Park. Or follow the Sliabh Liag Trail to Ireland's breathtaking cliffs on the Atlantic Ocean.

Be inspired by the diversity of nature and take time for walks, campfire evenings and spotting wildlife. See fascinating animals such as sea eagles, puffins and red deer. For example, if you go camping at Renvyle Beach campsite, you might be lucky enough to see dolphins on a boat trip in Killary Fjord, just half an hour away!

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A tour of Ireland by camper

From Rosslare the road to adventure is open to you. Take a breathtaking tour of Ireland with your camper and explore the country's beautiful national parks. In the Killarney National Park in Kerry, the Gap of Dunloe walking route awaits you with 7.1 kilometers of beautiful nature and the famous Wishing Bridge. Connemara National Park is another must-visit destination, with breathtaking scenery and endless hiking opportunities. Don't forget to drive to Wicklow Mountains National Park, where you will have beautiful panoramic views of lush greenery and impressive waterfalls. Finally, The Burren is definitely worth a visit, in the west of Ireland. This enchanting 'moonscape' is truly unique to Ireland.

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