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Oslo - a cool city that is easy to explore and rich in experiences!

If Aalborg is the Paris of the Nordic countries, then Oslo is the Pearl of the Nordic countries.

For many, it is probably not exactly the first city you come to when you think, "which city is nice?". But the city actually saves a lot more than you might think.

There are plenty of experiences, for those who are looking for the smart and trendy, both on the culinary front, but also when it comes to architecture and design.

Oslo is also a good place for those who want to eat in smaller local places and go exploring for surprises, in niche shops.

In the nightlife you will find a large number of bars and clubs, with music for all tastes. The next day you can relax in one of the city's many parks, or sit with a view of the water along the waterfront.

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Aker Brygge

The area by Aker Brygge is one of the city's most popular areas, and it's no surprise. Relaxation and views of the water - what’s not to like?

Here you are surrounded by a lot of exciting eateries, from one end of the scale to the other. There are both finer restaurants and smaller food trucks. After the meal, you can take a walk down the cozy little streets, which are located right in the area.

A short distance away you can get to another must-see area, Tjuvholmen. It is actually one of Oslo's newest areas and if you go here, you will quickly notice why it is known for its interesting architecture and design. Are you into galleries and art installations? Then the area is just you!

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Do you like to drink beer in a small, cozy pub, have a cocktail at a larger bar, or drink drinks and shots at a club, and dance until late at night?

In several of the city districts there are various bars, pubs and nightclubs, for all tastes.

No matter what kind of city trip you are on, there is a really good chance that your wishes will be fulfilled!

Top Bar - Thomas Johannessen

The Top Bar – En spektakulær rooftop bar og restaurant

“Spectacular” is a big word, but there are several reasons why this bar is something special. With a location at the top of the Oslo Plaza hotel, on the 34th floor, it is Oslo's highest-located bar!

Here you can enjoy a cocktail in a New Yorker atmosphere created by modern and inviting surroundings, while admiring the impressive views of the city - the bar is located at an altitude of 110 meters! From Thursday to Saturday there is the added bonus that DJs play delicious tunes.

One floor further down is The Top Restaurant, which serves international food with a Nordic twist, made from high-quality Norwegian ingredients. Mums!

Vippa Madmarkeder - Tord Baklund

Food markets that offer tasty and exotic street food

Let your taste buds experience Oslo's cozy food markets. VIA Village offers a varied selection that satisfies both the big and small hunger. Here you will find tacos, empanadas, dumplings, seafood, as well as vegan delicacies, just to name a few.

At VIPPA by the waterfront, you can enjoy gastronomic chunks of sky overlooking the water. Taste Syrian street food, sustainable fish’n’chipsellercrispyfriedchicken burgers - here is food for all taste buds, made with love and seasoned according to local recipes.

Concert Hero VisitOslo Didrick Stenersen

Live music - From the big venues to the smaller ones

Oslo is a city with a great fondness for ‘all things culture’ - and especially live music, is very widespread.

If you want to experience the really big concerts, you can stop by one of the larger venues, such as Oslo Spectrum - here you can experience more international artists!

If you want to feel the concert atmosphere in the open air, then the Øya Festival is a good idea. Here too you can experience world-famous stars and promising upcoming artists. The festival is held in Tøyenparken, a centrally located park with large grass areas.

The city also offers several smaller bars where you can experience more intimate live music.

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