Nature in Norway

Experience the Norwegian nature

Nature in Norway
Nature in Norway

Norway's magnificent nature

Norway is known for its picturesque landscape and magnificent wonders that are not found anywhere else in the world! And it is not without reason that tourists from near and far turn their eyes to the north. The rough nature alternates from majestic mountains that shoot up from the fjord, to deep valleys with green forests. There are also long fjords with turquoise bathing water which is surrounded by the greenest vegetation, several thousand year old glaciers and a beautiful coastal landscape with small and large islands.

The varied and elongated landscape invites to some fantastic wow moments that just have to be experienced. And when you take the boat to Oslo, you get the best combination of Norway - first vibrant city life, and then out on magical adventures in what can be experienced as a completely different world!

Nature in Norway - hiking from Loen-skylift - Photocredit Bård Basberg


Hiking on the mountain is very special, and when you finally reach the top you will be rewarded with an absolutely fantastic view of the landscape. Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind, Norway's and Northern Europe's highest and second highest mountains, are located in the mountain area Jotunheimen. Although the mountains are high, they are not inaccessible and the tours are also suitable for children who are used to hiking in the mountains.

Nature in Norway - Crossing Jostedalsbreen-glacier lengthwise - Photocredit Thomas T Kleiven - Visitnorway


In Norway there are 1627 glaciers, and in the summer guided tours are arranged on many of them. If you choose to take the trip, you are guaranteed an experience of the rare. On some glaciers it is possible to ski in the summer months wearing a T-shirt and with a magical view of lush valleys and fjords.

Norway's and mainland Europe's largest glacier is the Jostedalsbreen glacier, with an area of ​​487 square kilometers and more than 50 glacier arms.

Nature in Norway - Trollstigen - Photocredit Ivars Utinsns

Geirangerfjorden and Trollstigen

The Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the beautiful natural landscape is guaranteed to take your breath away. The fjord is surrounded by wild waterfalls, majestic mountain peaks and green, lush vegetation.
Trollstigen is also a must see when you are in Geiranger. You can either drive all the way up yourself, or just see how the fascinating, but at the same time nerve-wracking road winds its way up the steep mountainside.

Norway - Hardangervidda - Photocredit Jacobsen visitnorway


Hardangervidda comprises an area of approx. 8000km and is the Nordic region's largest national park and Europe's largest high mountain plateau. The nature in the area is characterized by great variations, from large expanses in the east, to hilly terrain in the west and north.

The Hardangervidda is an area with a lot of history, which dates back to about 9000 years ago when the area became ice-free.

Nature in Norway  - Utladalen - Photocredit Thomas Rasmus Skaug  Visitnorway


Jotunheimen is a mountainous area in central southern Norway and is a popular hiking area. The most popular route in Jotunheimen is the trip over Besseggen, which runs between Gjende and Bessvatnet. In Jotunheimen are the highest mountains in Northern Europe, Galdhøpiggen (2,469 m) and Glittertinden (2,457 m), in addition to the eighteen other highest peaks on the Norwegian mainland.

Nature in Norway

The Coastline

Norway has an elongated coast with archipelagos, thousands of islands and a rich flora and fauna. The coastline is 100,915 km and only Canada has a longer coast than Norway. If you start your Norwegian holiday in Oslo, everything is arranged for fun along the harbor. Walking, shopping and restaurant life, activities such as kayaking or at SUP and harbor baths that invite you to cool depths in the fjord.

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