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Norway Fjords


About Fjords

Do you know what a fjord is exactly? Fjords are formed by Talgletscher, which migrate from the land seaward. In doing so, they follow existing river valleys and continue excavating them during their migration. This creates the typical U-shape of a fjord. A fjord is thus a deep inland, long, narrow and high inlet, which is enclosed on all sides by the mainland. Only the side facing the sea is open to the lake. Norway's coasts are characterized by rugged mountains and deep fjords. A varied landscape has been created, which is an attractive destination both in summer and in winter.


UNESCO World Heritage Site

Fjord Norway offers travelers a variety of great natural sites and attractions. In 2005, two of the fjords were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Geirangerfjord is one of the most famous fjords ever and contributes invaluable knowledge about the emergence of fjords and climate change. The Nærøyfjord was also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in the summer of 2005, it's one of the most scenic fjords and is accessible in summer with small excursion boats. Both fjords are tributaries of larger, interconnected fjords representing a large network of waterways from Fjord Norway.

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Summer and Winter activities

The beautiful fjord and mountain landscapes with their endless possibilities both in summer and in the winter months combine to form a varied holiday destination. Where else can you ski on the glacier and swim in the sea within half an hour? You don't have to travel to the Arctic Circle to experience the magic of bright summer nights - in Oslo it is practically never dark at midsummer time. From March, winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy a longer daylight than in the south - the ski season lasts until the beginning of May.

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The destination city of our Norway route, Oslo, offers visitors a number of attractions in the smallest of spaces - easy to reach on foot or by bus. Buy one of the typical waffles and stroll past the Royal Palace, the fortress Akerhus and the beautiful harbor promenade. On the longest day of the year, the 23rd of June, the sun can be seen in Norway for up to 24 hours in good weather. If you want to be a little more avtive, Norway offers some of the world's best ski resorts - such as Hemsdal and Skeikampen.

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