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Gaustatoppen – det største fjeld i Sydnorge

Roadtrip in Norway - Bergen - Fløyen
Roadtrip Bergen Norway - Hardangervidda
Roadtrip Bergen Norway - Folgefonna
Roadtrip Bergen Norway - Jostedalsbreen

Fjords, mountains and the beautiful Bergen

Your roadtrip to Bergen takes 8 hours, so use the time wisely by driving through the beautiful landscape of Hardangervidda, and spend the night in Haugastøl. Here you can wake up refreshed, then it's a short drive to Finse, where you can experience a fantastic Arctic climate, with glacier walking over Hardangerjøkulen or a hike on Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet. From here you can drive to Norway's third largest glacier for another fascinating experience.

Bergen also offers many great activities. Stroll the cobbled streets down to Bryggen, or take the cable car up to the city's highest point, Fløyen.

On your way back to Oslo, take the E16. Visit Nærøyfjorden and Borglund Stave Church, and spend the night in the beautiful countryside around Beitostølen or in Flåm. In Flåm, you can get your heart pumping with a ride on Norway's longest zipline. For something more down-to-earth, there's beer tasting. If you stay overnight at Beitostølen, your road trip will take you via Jotunheimen and Valdresflye and through Gudbrandsdalen, where you can experience more of Norway's stunning scenery

Roadtrip Bergen Norway - Trolltunga
Roadtrip Bergen Norway - Jostedalsbreen
Roadtrip Bergen Norway - Vøringfossen
Roadtrip Bergen Norway - Borgund-stave-church

Mountain tours in Bergen

Surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks, Bergen is a destination for the adventurous.

The city mountains are some of the country's most important outdoor areas, and consist of mountains such as Ulriken, Fløyen, Rundemanen, Lyderhorn, Damsgårdsfjellet, Sandviksfjellet and Løvstakken. There are plenty of hiking trails to take you up into the heights, over the mountains, through the forest, across the fields and down into the beautiful streets of Bergen - and you can hike on your own or sign up for a guided 7-field tour.

Bergen is also close to other popular natural attractions such as the Queen's Trail and Trolltunga. If you want to experience these on your way too, it might be a good idea to book an overnight stay in the area, as it's a longer drive, just as the hikes are good and long.

Roadtrip Bergen Norway - Folgefonna

Fantastic fjords

The Norwegian fjords are some of Scandinavia's biggest tourist attractions. Sognefjorden, with its tributaries Fjærlandsfjorden, Aurlandsfjorden and Nærøyfjorden, Årdalsfjorden and Lustrafjorden, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bergen lies at the heart of these fjords, making for many beautiful walks.

For example, take a guided tour to Fjærland to see Jostedalsbreen, the Storesvingen viewpoint and Hopperstad Stave Church. Or go on a waterfall safari on a guided tour to Vøringsfossen - Norway's most famous waterfall. If you're up for some speed, a fjord cruise on a RIB boat is recommended.

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