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With your family in Oslo

Family in Oslo

A guide to the most fun activities

Oslo is packed with fun and cool family activities that will excite both big and small and send the laughter muscles to overtime. In Oslo you can see exotic spiders and snakes in the Reptile Park, produce your own pop hits at the Pop Center and test your fear of heights in the paths that swing around Oslo's treetops in the Climbing Park.

Here we have gathered the most fabulous activities in Oslo, which guarantee a memorable day for the whole family that you will soon forget.

Oslo - Norsk Teknisk Museum

Technical Museum

Technical Museum is the place to have fun while you learn. Here you can explore scientific and technological principles within the themes of energy, physical phenomena, the body, mathematics and space.

Participate in exciting inventions with about 100 try-it-yourself installations and more than 25 exhibitions on technology and medicine! Try everything from taking selfies in front of the green screen, testing reaction time and competing with a friend on who runs the fastest.

Oslo - museum

Natur History Museum

A visit to the Natural History Museum is one of the children's absolute favorite activities and here they can learn and be fascinated by the diversity of nature - both from the present and the exciting prehistoric time.

The museum's zoological and geological exhibitions show, among other things, the Tyrannosaurus ‘Stan ’, def world-famous fossil‘ Ida ’, crystals and a separate hall over two floors with Norway's wildlife from coast to high mountains.

Oslo - reptil park

Oslo Reptile Park

Visit Oslo Reptile Park and get close to snakes and other exotic reptiles. The centrally located reptile park hides a wealth of colorful species in the indoor terrariums. From large strangler snakes to colorful chameleons and dwarf crocodiles, the reptile park is filled with animals that will equally fascinate and frighten.

If you dare, it is not at all inconceivable that you could be allowed to sling one of the more child-friendly snakes around your shoulders. On Tuesdays, it will also be possible to see the many animals being fed.

Oslo - cartoons

Heaven for comic book fans

Oslo's wildest comic and toy store, Outland, is centrally located on Kirkegata 23. In addition to an impressive selection of comics from around the world, Outland's range also includes board games, LEGO, merchandise and an almost infinitely large collection of objects from several favorite movies.

Tip: The shop has several tall figures that the little ones will no doubt love to have a picture taken with.

Oslo - chocolate


Do you like the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Yes? Then you must visit Freialand, Norway's oldest chocolate factory. The Freia chocolate factory was founded in 1898, and has since produced chocolate for Norwegians and the rest of the world.

The factory offers a tour where you get knowledge about the history of chocolate and Freia, among other things. Here children can make their own chocolate and you get plenty of tastings along the way.

Oslo - playground

High & Low Climbing Park

A visit to a climbing park is a wonderful activity for the whole family, and the climbing park at Tryvann is among the largest and most popular climbing parks in the Nordic countries. Here you get challenging and both high and low in Oslo's treetops! The routes, which fluctuate from tree to tree, are adapted for both young and old. The park consists of 12 climbing routes with elements such as zip-lines, suspension bridges, tunnels, ladders and balance and rope elements.

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