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SKi-offer norway

Ski holidays in Vrådal - children's paradise

rådal has one of Telemark's largest ski centers with an 8-seat chair lift, Norway's largest. The area offers opportunities for everyone regardless of age. With a height difference of 473 m, you will find here 15 slopes ranging from light to very challenging. The ski center offers in an area at the top of the mountain with 3 lifts, which is especially suitable for beginners and families with children. At the bottom of the hill is the children's area with two small conveyor belts as well as a ski tow.

For cross-country enthusiasts, Vrådal offers trails that appeal to both beginners and practitioners. Follow the marked hiking trails through the idyllic forest terrain, or take the chairlift to the top of the ski center, and head from here across the mountain. Here beautiful mountain scenery awaits, as far as the eye can see.

SKi-offer norway

Troll Club

In collaboration with the hotels, the Troll Club organizes many fun and entertaining activities for children, including evening events such as treasure hunt, mini disco and theme dinner. Quality Straand Hotel & Resort also has its own equestrian center, where the children are allowed to take care of the animals.

As the day goes on, Norway's smallest inn, Stabburet, is ready with mulled wine and refreshments, and the Vrådal Hotel offers cozy in the fireplace room with a little good for the palate.

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