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Sweden - virtual tour

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Travel around Sweden - without leaving home

Holidays and new impressions rise to the virtual space. Now we can find almost everything on the Internet, including the most impressive, most visited in the world. With virtual tours, we can admire the breathtaking views without leaving our room or even the bed. Scandinavia reveals all its beauty in the cold season, so we invite you to admire Sweden covered in snow - virtually!

Sledge riding with huskies

In this virtual 360 ° tour, you will get to know your guide Erik and the spotless huskies who are looking forward to the adventure. The snow-covered landscape, the barking of dogs, the snow crackling under the sleds - everything is in the virtual tour.

The creators tried to make it not only a nice ride - you will learn about the characteristics of dog squatting, the guide will tell you about this process, and you will be able to look around the camp while listening to it. This method of travel is one of the oldest - it is a great technique to travel through the snowy and challenging Scandinavian terrain. But the stunning images that unfold around are worth the effort! Let's go for a ride?

Stay in an ice hotel

Every year, a wonderful ice hotel emerges in the Swedish city of Kiruna. The hotel attracts tourists from all over the world - an exclusive, iconic and different experience every year. This year, the hotel is already in its 30th winter. In this virtual guide you will take a walk in the main hall, in a private room and in several other spaces. You will be accompanied at all times by a guide, Matilda, who will tell you about the hotel construction process, the work of the designers and the visions.

Try an authentic Nordic sauna

Scandinavians are famous for their sauna culture, it is authentic, incomparable to others. It is estimated that there are 2 saunas per person in Finland, which really shows how Nordic people enjoy this health-friendly entertainment. This time we invite you to take a look around the Nordic sauna in Sweden.

The most fascinating detail? This sauna is located on the lake! Here, customers are greeted by all the necessary infrastructure, and you can enjoy whirlpools outside - even in the snow! The guide will showcase this impressive spa, as well as the floating rooms where you can stay - maybe this virtual guide will inspire a new journey?

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