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Your Essential Travel Guide To The Pembrokeshire Coast


Discover Things To Do On The Pembrokeshire Coast

The Pembrokeshire coast is a beautiful and rugged part of the UK, offering stunning countryside and breathtaking sea vistas. From its abundant wildlife to its historic sites, this national park covers over 600 sq. kilometres of spectacular cliffs, sandy beaches, and wild hills. Perfect for anyone looking for a fantastic holiday in the great outdoors, the Pembrokeshire coast is just waiting to be explored.

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Things to do in Pembrokeshire

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities, you have plenty of exciting experiences to choose from! You can explore the sea caves and soaring cliffs by kayak, head off in a boat for a spot of sea fishing, ride across the landscape on horseback, or cycle along the coastal paths. There are activity centres all along the coast providing all sorts of experiences and equipment.

In the northern part of the park, you’ll find one of Wales’s most significant prehistoric sites – the Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber. These dramatic standing stones rise out of the landscape, precariously perched atop one another, made from the very same stones that were taken from here to form the inner sanctum of Stonehenge.


Discover the History

There’s a wealth of history to discover in Pembrokeshire, from prehistoric burial sites to Iron Age forts, Norman castles and medieval churches. Pembroke Castle is one of the most spectacular in the country, with its many towers and high walls, and a huge stone keep in the centre.

In the northwest is Britain’s smallest city, St Davids. Named for the patron saint of Wales who lived there in the 4th century, St Davids sits on a peninsula with spectacular scenery to match its historical and spiritual significance. The city itself is very pretty, sitting above St David’s Cathedral and the ruins of the Bishop’s Palace, and the resting place of Saint David himself.

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Getting there

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park covers the south west corner of Wales, with the main road links along the coast via Newport and Swansea on the M4.

It can be reached in around 5 hours from our ferry port in Dover, passing through some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside along the way.

If you want to travel from our ferry port in Newcastle, you can reach south Wales in around 6 ½ hours.

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