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Support the Blue Planet

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Exclusive Offers

Support the Blue Planet

The Blue Planet, Denmark's Aquarium, is deeply committed to science and nature conservation. As a proud sponsor of the puffin, DFDS joins this commitment. That is why we acknowledge with a MiniCruise to Oslo, when you support The Blue Planet with dkk 100, -. On a MiniCruise you have two nights on board the ship. Enjoy the fresh air on the deck, let your hair flutter in the wind, and relax in wonderful maritime experiences. You leave at 16:30 and arrive in Oslo the next morning. After an eventful day in Oslo, you will sail back to Copenhagen, where you will arrive the next morning.

2 nights onboard

Discover Oslo

Delicious onboard cuisine

No baggage restrictions

    Support The Blue Planet with $ 100 and get a MiniCruise

    Enjoy a fantastic time onboard

crown in the Oslofjord

Day 1


Check-in opens


Check-in closes


Depart Copenhagen for Oslo

visit oslo opera

Day 2


Breakfast on board


Arrive in Oslo


Check-in opens


Check-in closes


Ferry departs Oslo for Copenhagen

Breakfast Copenhagen Oslo

Day 3


Buffet breakfast available onboard


Arrive in Copenhagen

DFDS Pearl ferry at sea

How it works

The Blue Planet, Denmark's Aquarium, is deeply committed to science and nature conservation. When you support The Blue Planet, you get a MiniCruise to Oslo.

The Blue Planet aims to:

  • Preserve endangered species and endangered habitats through research and breeding as well as support for nature conservation projects.
  • Raise funds for selected nature conservation and research projects among businesses, foundations and guests.
  • Engage in the seas around Denmark and in the Nordic countries with a focus on exploration, expeditions and on creating new knowledge.
  • Engage in concrete nature conservation projects.

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Along the Norwegian coast lives the endangered sea parrot, also called the grove. Due to the increasing temperature of the seas, the parrots find it harder to find food. The sea parrot is therefore termed an in danger. At DFDS we have chosen to sponsor the Puffin.

The sea parrot has a very colorful beak. The beautiful colors of the beak are in fact a mating signal, because when the breeding season is over, the beak's colors peel off.

The sea parrot is adapted to a life in the water. It is both good for diving and swimming. Its compact body, strong wings and feet with swimming skin help it dive and maneuver underwater. The sea parrot swallows its prey underwater unless it has cubs, where it instead fills its beak with fish. In this case, a single trash can ego can carry about 30 fish in its beak.

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Our mini cruise breaks are our most popular breaks, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do you get to spend time in a fantastic city, but you’ll also be treated to 2 nights onboard our modern, comfortable and well-equipped cruise ferries.

Our mini cruises are the perfect combination of a short city break and a cruise experience.

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