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Blue Zone

Live life and live longer

20 years ago, the American Dan Buettner discovered that there are five very special places in the world: Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia in Italy, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Ikaria in Greece and Loma Linda in California. Here, people lived significantly longer than the rest of us. Those places he called the Blue Zones.

Today, Dan Buettner is the founder of the organization Blue Zones and a best-selling author. Through his studies, he has found nine secrets to a long life, and in addition to a healthy lifestyle, he has discovered that friendships and family, tranquility and a natural approach to exercise also have a strong impact on a long life. He has called the principles Power 9, and they are understandable - even if you do not live on an island in Japan.

At DFDS, we live to give our passengers good experiences throughout their lives. And that is why we have been inspired by introducing our own BLUE ZONE. Read here about the 9 principles and how you can easily comply with them on your journey with DFDS.

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Move naturally

The people who live the longest do not run around the gym after work out of breath. Instead, they live in places where they can move naturally during the day by, for example, going for walks or doing manual house and garden work.

Tip: On the Oslo boat there is plenty of room to move. Take a walk on the deck or around the ship - or take a little swing?

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A meaning to it all

It may sound a little long-haired, but the people who feel a meaning to their lives live up to seven years longer than those who do not. What you live for is entirely up to you, as long as you have a positive approach to being yourself.

Tip: If you find it difficult to philosophize about the meaning of life, then keep in mind that when you wake up on the Oslo boat, you can look forward to wonderful experiences, including the beautiful entry and exit of the Oslo Fjord. Because there is also a meaning to it.

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Take it easy

Stress can lead to various lifestyle diseases, and in the parts of the world where people live the longest, they have found ways to feel less stress. The method is not that important, it's just about getting down into gear. So while on Ikaria in Greece, they take a nap, they love their happy hour in Sardinia, Italy. What can get you down in gear?

Tip: When sailing with DFDS, you can calmly release everyday stress and enjoy a break. Because we handle the transport and offer a nice selection of restaurants and cafes, so here you do not have to do anything but enjoy life.

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80 percent rule

you’ve probably heard it before, but it’s healthy to stop eating just before you get full. This is called the 80 percent rule. In addition to getting rid of the stuffy feeling, it can also help us to lose a few stubborn kilos without thinking about it - because we know that a slimmer waist is just good for a long life.

Healthy diet = long life - Of course, there are no guarantees in life, but with a plant-based diet, you have significantly improved your chances of a long life. This does not mean that you have to live as a vegan, but that you have to remember the vegetables and preferably the beans at every meal, because then you get the vitamins and minerals that you need.

Tip: Enjoy a delicious meal in one of our many delicious restaurants. Eat slowly and taste the food - then you will find that eating 80 percent of the normal will make your body full and comfortable.

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One of the slightly more surprising things that Dan Buettner found out about the citizens of the aforementioned Blue Zones is that they are certainly not abstinent people. In Sardinia, for example, they always drink a glass of wine with their food.

Tip: Enjoy a good glass of red wine for dinner or a cool glass of white wine on the deck with a clear conscience. But now remember the National Board of Health's recommendations, which are seven items for women and 14 for men - per week.

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Take care of your loved ones

Among the centenarians in the five regions of the world where people live the longest, it is quite clear that the family and the partner play a very important role.

Part of a community
The feeling of community is also one of the secrets to a long life. Whether it's beliefs, hobbies or attitudes that are at the heart of the community, it's healthy to share your interests with others. In fact, meeting a good community four times a month can add up to 14 years extra to your life.

Tip: When you are on the Oslo boat anyway, remember to have some quality time with your family and freinds. Here there are pleasures for everyone.

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Get yourself a tribe

In the same ballpark, friends are also really important. In Okinawa, Japan, they are actually considered to be so essential that one has five friends who follow one for life. So let yourself be inspired by the longest-lived people: Take care of your friendships and let your friends take care of you. It is good for health.

Tip: A trip to Oslo is also ideal as a friend trip. So maybe it was an obvious gift for the next round of birthday in the group of friends?

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For many years, DFDS on our Copenhagen - Oslo route has formed the framework for all sorts of social events. Because there are many good reasons to take on one of our famous MiniCruises, whether it is relaxation with family and friends, party, entertainment, excursion with the association or simply a regular trip between the two beautiful, Scandinavian capitals - in style and without stress.

We have a wide selection of different restaurants and bars and together with our meeting and event center with sea views, it forms the framework for enjoying life. In other words, our ships offer a BLUE ZONE where you can just recharge and increase your quality of life. And our employees on board are of course ready to ensure you good and memorable experiences no matter how you want to put together your MiniCruise.