Christmas Party Games

Three Christmas game ideas

Here are three bids for some fun games for the Christmas lunch that can help kick-start the party.

By Martin Eriksen

Smartphone quiz
As a cheerful feature for a Christmas lunch, a smartphone quiz can be a great fun idea. With a few funds, you can set up a digital quiz that is easy to run and participate in. is an online platform from which to create and run interactive quizzes, and all that is required by party attendees is that they download Kahoot app on their smartphone. From the quizmaster, a bit more preparatory work is required before the quiz can be successful as questions need to be collected for the quiz - possibly. about the party participants.

YouTube carols
We all know the feeling of hearing the same songs over and over, every Christmas. But what exactly is the song called? The Quiz Master selects a number of famous Christmas songs and plays 10-20 seconds of each song through YouTube. The party then has to write down the name of the song and / or the artist on a piece of paper, and the one with the most right eventually wins. As a third scoring element, the year can also be a fun addition. The latter can be especially useful if the quizmaster chooses to allow party members to watch the video at the same time. In this case, the name and the artist will appear clearly on the screen in advance.

Guess a Facebook user
The Quiz Master finds funny statements in advance from some of the party's Facebook profiles. They are read aloud and the rest of the party members then have to guess who it is. Another variant of this game may also be to select a series of profile images where the profile owner is not on - or to use a blur tool to blur details in the image. This can also be done in relation to status updates where parts of the status are blurred and where the party participants have to fill in the missing / blurred word.

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