Party Games

3 party games that packs a punch for the office party

There are many fun ways to get the party going and get guests to know each other. Here is inspiration for games that are guaranteed to have the party participants shaken together in no time.

By Simon Kudal

Famous bowl
In this game, each participant is given several pieces of paper, and on each paper one writes a name for a known person. It can be anything from Marilyn Monroe to Queen Margrethe or Batman - as long as everyone in the company is aware of who it is. All the banknotes are folded and placed in the bowl, and now it is guessing which people are hiding in the bowl. Participants are then split into pairs or teams where one person pulls a note from the bowl and has to explain who the person is without saying the name. To explain Batman, for example, you can say, "Is dressed in black, and the Joker is his arch enemy."

Each team is given 1 minute to guess as many notes as possible alternately until there are no more notes in the basket. The doctor can also be extended with an extra round of same notes, but where you must not say anything and should mime the people instead.

Two truths and a lie
This game is a slightly different 'shake-up activity' that engages and challenges the participants in a fun way. The purpose is to get everyone talking together - even those who otherwise don't say as much. The doctor works best in smaller groups, but can also play in larger teams. Each team member starts by writing two truths and a lie around them down on a piece of paper - no one else can see it. Afterwards, the teams get 10-15 minutes to circulate and question each other around the various claims. Then the team participants read their statements aloud alternately for the rest of the group, after which the others have to guess the person's false statements about themselves.

The whole purpose of the game is to start the conversation among the participants, but you can also set up a points system where you get points to 'sell' your lie to the others and to mock others' lying stories.

Jens Hansens Farm:
This game is suitable for a group that knows each other a little, but where there is still some uncertainty in the contact. The doctor assumes that the participants must recognize each other by using animal sounds. First there is a participant who will be a farmer - the rest of the participants are farm animals. The farmer gets the bandage gets his eyes and is placed in the middle. He or she should now call the animals by saying an animal name - for example, a cow. The participant, who is a cow, must then present himself with a 'muuh'. If the right person is guessed, it is his or her turn to be a farmer.

The doctor gets a bit more relaxed, because everyone makes a little laugh. Everyone is in the same embarrassing situation, and in that way you get turned down for self-solemnity. When you see the colleague from the office barking like a dog or roaring like a cow, you suddenly know each other a little better.

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