Employee Day

The perfect staff day

A good staff day can consist of many things. We have created a checklist that can serve as inspiration and input for your staff day.

By Simon Kudal

Find a good theme
A staff day will typically include both a professional element and some more social elements. The academic element must, of course, be targeted to the needs of the participants. For example, it could be about good internal communication, job satisfaction, how to avoid stress, conflict management, preparedness for change and much more. For example, it can be company visits, lectures, team building, museum visits or a workshop.

Another idea is the open air theme, where participants are asked various tasks that they must jointly solve - for example, building a suspension bridge, making a bonfire or finding hidden items via GPS. Whether you want to take care of the professional yourself or hire a specialized player for the task is, of course, a matter of your wishes and needs.

During the day, of course, there is also food on the table, and here again there are many possibilities. If you have activities in a city, there is plenty of opportunity to go to a restaurant and get something delicious - for example sandwiches, sushi or new Nordic. If you are out in the open, you can also arrange for a barbecue.

Many organizers of teambuilding and courses will offer food and drink as part of the package, and if you have rented premises for the day, catering is an option. Unfortunately, there are very disappointing and mediocre catering foods, but fortunately there are also many restaurants that provide gourmet catering that are similar to a restaurant experience. One of the big ones is Meyer, who was named the catering supplier of the year in 2016. An honor that in 2017 accrued to Bojesen, who, in addition to their catering business, stands behind the restaurant Tårnet in Christiansborg and delivers food for conferences, parties and events in Axelborg.

Today, there is ample opportunity to make staff day an experience that will be remembered by keeping it an interesting place. It can be, for example, aboard one of the DFDS Seaways Oslo boats, in the Circus building, at Kronborg, in the DGI city, at the National Museum, at Ledreborg Castle, at the Blue Planet, at the Experimentarium, at FÄNSGSLET in Horsens or at the ARKEN art museum. Of course, extravagant surroundings are not always needed, and it often makes sense to spend the day at the company's own premises or at a nearby hotel or conference center.

Here is the choice between being entertained by professionals or entertaining each other through activities. If the choice falls on professional performers, it can be anything from professional standup comedians like Rune Klan, Lasse Rimmer or Linda P to musical performers like Michael Carøe, Stig Rossen or Thomas Eje.

It may also be that the entertainment has to be through experiences - in which case bowling, paintball, segway and golf are classics. Should it be more unconventional, for example, you can try disc golf, where you aim for a frisbee; solve a murder at Dinnergames, or escape confinement in one of the country's many new 'mystery rooms', where you must jointly escape a room by solving puzzles and finding codes.

Get an offer at the perfect corporate party

No two corporate parties are alike. It may be the need for meeting rooms along the way or maybe rent a bus in Oslo. Others would rather stay on board and enjoy good food and drinks.

Get a tailor made offer with the opportunities we can offer you, perfectly tailored to your attendees and budget. Contact us and we will help you to create the best setting for your trip.

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