Employee Experiences

3 experiences your employees will talk about again and again

Here you get input into experiences that you can easily arrange and that create a good atmosphere on your team.

By Simon Kudal

The good atmosphere in the workplace does not come naturally, and it is important that employees get some common experiences that shake them together and let them get to know each other outside of work situations. Social events and activities help strengthen team collaboration and the work environment at work. Here are three offers of exciting experiences with the employees.

Crack the code together
You are trapped in an enclosed space, and there is only one way to escape - through collaboration. Escape Rooms have become popular in recent years, and they expect participants to explore their surroundings where they find clues, tasks, keys, puzzles and codes that all lead them closer to escaping from the room. Typically, the group has an hour to escape, thus winning the game. If it fails to find out in time, the game is lost and you have to bite into the sour apple and stay in the locked room forever. Or until you get locked out by the organizer.

The activity started in Hungary and spread rapidly to the rest of Europe and later the world. In Denmark you can find Escape Rooms in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and Sønderborg. It is fun for everyone involved, and at the same time it is an exercise in collaboration and communication that employees will not forget.

Shake the team together at sea
A mini cruise to Oslo is an adventurous and exciting way to strengthen the relationships between colleagues outside the usual environment. Along the way, there is ample opportunity for activities and team building that puts the community in focus. For example, you can have a different experience with the intense brainwashing Brain Game, which puts everyone at risk, creates positive energy and ensures both smiles and laughter.

In the game, which can take place indoors on the boat eg. before a Christmas lunch, employees are tasked with working together in smaller teams - while all seven intelligences are challenged. Both logical thinking, decision making skills, visual characteristics, musical abilities and body are put to the test. Fortunately, most challenges end in High-fives.

Collaboration at height
Climbing is both physically and mentally challenging, and so it strengthens togetherness. There are many different providers in Denmark who focus on climbing as a team experience to strengthen the community - for example the Climbing Forest, Gorilla Park, GoMonkey, Blocs & Walls and many others.

Although it is very much an individual experience to climb, it is still an obvious team activity because naturally a collaborative process begins where the team helps each other to overcome the challenges. The climbing forest in Roskilde has even built a dedicated team course, where close cooperation both in height and on the ground is necessary to get through the course. All exercises are specifically designed to increase collaboration, communication and trust among participants.

Get an offer at the perfect corporate party

No two corporate parties are alike. It may be the need for meeting rooms along the way or maybe rent a bus in Oslo. Others would rather stay on board and enjoy good food and drinks.

Get a tailor made offer with the opportunities we can offer you, perfectly tailored to your attendees and budget. Contact us and we will help you to create the best setting for your trip.

We are happy to help: Cabin selection, meeting and conference facilities, entertainment and activities, transport and catering.

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