Happy Employees

Make your employees happier

Happy employees mean good atmosphere in the workplace, but it also means more efficient employees and a better bottom line. Here are 5 tips on how to make your employees happier.

By Simon Kudal

Happy people are more productive, efficient and reach more in a day. A group of English researchers from the University of Warwick demonstrated this connection through a series of experiments in 2014. The experiments got the test subjects in a good mood before solving any tasks - including showing them funny videos or giving them sweets and fruit. In conclusion, the happy subjects were 12 percent more effective than those who had not experienced anything fun or gratifying.

So it is worthwhile to have happy employees, so here are some good tips on how to make your employees happy during the work day.

Eat shared breakfast
Small simple staff benefits such as fruit and coffee make employees happy, but to really create joy, the staff benefits must also be social. Shared breakfast - for example, when a colleague has a birthday - is something that creates a good atmosphere and a good starting point for the rest of the working day. Stand behind your employees and give them responsibility

Complaining does not mean your employees are neglecting or doing a bad job. Employees need to know that you are behind them, even if errors can occur. Listen to the employee and make sure the error is corrected and that you learn from it. When you give your employees responsibility, they become proud and motivated, so show them that they are important.

Remember the Christmas joy
Christmas is a time when everyone is happy. A Christmas party with the company is a great occasion to celebrate the past year and show the employees that they are appreciated. At the same time, studies show that the Christmas gift from the job is among the most popular employee benefits, although it typically consists of small things. Compared to many other employee benefits, it is a small expense that generates goodwill on the part of the employees, and so you should think about an extra time if you as an employer are considering cutting or saving the annual Christmas gift to the employees.

Many artisan companies have physical hard work and many physical nuisances can be prevented and treated with massage. This also applies to office workers who sit in the same position throughout the day. Massage during the work day gives both the employee a mental break in a busy day, but also provides physical well-being.

In the short term, it gives happier employees, and in the longer term it also gives healthier employees and fewer sick days.

Celebrate daily successes
Many jobs have a culture of not celebrating or talking about completed successful projects. Instead, all energy is spent focusing on errors and shortcomings. If you turn around and honor an employee for their work and celebrate successes, the employees will gain both energy and job satisfaction. Of course, it is still important for employees to learn from the projects, but it can also be done in a positive atmosphere.

Job satisfaction is contagious - be happy
Good mood is contagious, and as a leader it is important that you take the lead and show that you are passionate about the work in the company. Praise your employees when they have done something good - preferably in front of colleagues so that everyone can see that good work is rewarded. It gives good team spirit and motivates employees.

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