Good Laughs

Good laugh for the lunch break

Here are mood-enhancing inputs for the lunch break that can help create a good atmosphere in the office.

By Simon Kudal

Time for a raise?
The IT employee: “ Chief, I must have a pay rise. Three other big companies are after me . " The CEO:" Do you see it ... What is it for some companies? "" The IT employee: " TDC, Tax and Ribers. «

The boss and the summer party
The secretary was to arrange the company's summer party, and as it approached, the manager came over and asked how many they were. " Well, it depends so much, " the secretary replied. " If you join, we'll be 12, if you cancel, we'll be 53. "

Merge in the company
The director had called the salesman into a good old-fashioned ski ball in the office: " What would you say if I came half an hour late every day like you? The director asked anxiously. " That would be nice, then we could drive to work together ," the salesman replied.

Two former work colleagues meet at a bar
First colleague: “ It was sad that you were fired, but you were now out about it yourself. You do not start smoking and drinking in the canteen in the middle of working hours. " Another colleague:" I don't know what went on for me, but I suddenly got an urge to enjoy life. And I really enjoy life as unemployed! " First colleague:" Enjoy life? It gets less of it when you smoke and drink. Don't you know that a cigarette shortens life by two minutes and a beer shortens it by three? " Second colleague:" Yes, but one working day shortens life by eight hours a day! «

Engineer's first working day!
A newly qualified Engineer shows up on his first day of work. The boss gives the engineer a broom and asks him to sweep the floor in the hall. The engineer kindly notifies the manager that he is a trained engineer. The boss listens understandingly and then shows him how to use the diet!

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