How to choose food for your corporate event

Delicious food in all price ranges: guide to catering at company events with dfds

Eating well is an important part of a successful conference. But what should you choose?

The food on board the ship, which sails between Oslo / Copenhagen and Copenhagen / Oslo, is a gastronomic cornucopia in all price ranges and genres. We give you an overview here.

Restaurant Blue Riband: The gastronomic choice

Blue Riband is the ship's corporate restaurant, which only business customers and groups (private or corporate) can use.

It is a Nordic fusion with European cuisine, and there are delicious options for vegetarians, vegans and those who want to avoid lactose and gluten.

For the banquet has gotten so many nods upwards that even chef and sous chef Driss Ouazzani can no longer recognize it:

“I have been here for 17 years, and it is not at all the same on the food side anymore. The standard and ambitions are towering, ”says Driss Ouazzani and suggests a party menu consisting of venison fillet with blackberries, smoked parsnips and rosemary crumble followed by turbot with black puree of vegetables and fish fume. For dessert, trifle of brownie with cream and crunch.

But be prepared for culinary surprises - the menu changes every six months.

Price level: 2-course DKK 335 3-course DKK 395 DKK 4-course DKK 455 Prices are excl. beverages.

Choose from 5 different starters, main courses and desserts. Room for 240 people.

A sea of possibilities

On the DFDS ships, there are 4 restaurants to choose from, one of which, Blue Riband, is reserved for the ship's groups. But you can use all the restaurants. It depends on how many of you there are and whether the booking can find a place for you.

Special meeting catering: The healthy and smart choice

If there is a need for full focus in the meeting room on the upper deck or something very special is provided in Akershus or Trekroner - the new VIP conference rooms in the former casino - it is obvious with the mingle menu.

Tapas and canapes to bite off.

It is a new offer for business customers who do not have time to leave the meeting room, but still want healthy meeting catering in combination with great taste experiences.

“I think the mingle menu is obvious for conference guests because it is simple, practical and does not fall so heavily. And then it is especially suitable if the breaks are not so fixed, ”says Morten Berg, who is Head Chef for all restaurants.

Price level: Basic Mingle (7 different elements) DKK 149 per pers. Value Mingle (10 different elements) DKK 179 per. pers. Premium Mingle (12 different elements) DKK 209 per pers.

Restaurant 7 Seas: The classic choice

All restaurants are located on the upper decks. The cruise atmosphere is ubiquitous with gold-plated railings and fine old ship models telling maritime stories.

And at 7 Seas, it's like it all comes together. Old and new. Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The oceans that connect us. Øresund, Kattegat and Skagerrak.

7 Seas is a Nordic-inspired, sumptuous buffet, whose only drawback is that you eat more than you need. For such is the case with buffets, where the freshness is to taste.

Here are finely chopped fillets of venison from reindeer and deer, seafood ad-libitum, cod, salmon and salads side by side with meatballs, roasts, steaks, glazed hams, homemade bread and desserts.

"Many business customers combine the company menu with our buffet in 7 Seas, because the buffet has something for everyone," says Benjamin Fridlund, conference manager, who helps companies have a successful meeting experience.


Proper catering is an important part of a successful corporate event.
On the DFDS ships, you will find four different restaurants that allow you to choose the culinary experience and the price level that suits your company event.

Restaurant Explorer Restaurant: The juicy choice

If the dream is a big juicy steak, a burger, also in a plant-based version, or tuna steak, Explorer Restaurant is the answer.

"You can get up to 1,000 grams of steaks made from wagyu meat, which is a Japanese cattle breed that produces particularly delicious meat," says Head Chef Morten Berg.

Price level: 2-courses DKK 299 / person. 3-course meal NOK 375 / person. Prices for groups: From DKK 374. Groups max. 20.

Restaurant Little Italy: The cozy choice

Little Italy is like a pizza restaurant in the Trastevere district of Rome. Unpretentious and cozy.

The pizza taste is authentic with a generous distribution of toppings. Eg. lots of chicken, pecorino cheese and salad on the pizza Pollo e Pecorino. They all have a delicious crispy bottom - and are baked in a stone oven.

Pasta bolognese is also available in a vegetarian version, and for dessert there are of course tiramisu and other delicacies.

As the only restaurant on board you can walk right in.

Little Italy is without a table reservation and therefore ideal for smaller corporate events that want to give participants the freedom to decide when to eat. The restaurant is often a good choice for lunch. However, the place is popular, especially if you come for traditional dining time.

Price level: Antipasti from DKK 70. Pasta from DKK 99. Pizza from DKK 125. The sweet from DKK 70.

Tables cannot be booked by groups. Groups can only use this restaurant if they eat pizza and salad buffet with 1 beer / water as well as coffee and cake for lunch.

** All prices are subject to annual price increases.

DFDS responds to:

How to choose the right menu for your company event? And what should you consider when choosing catering for a corporate event?

Number and purpose

You must have control over the number of participants and the nature of the meeting or conference. Is it relaxed where the purpose e.g. is to shake people together, or is it a high-profile board meeting where the individual can be questioned?

Next, you must appoint one or more people in the company with responsibility for making the final decision on what to serve dishes, and in this connection, check for allergies and special preferences among the meeting participants.

The classic combination: Banquet menu and buffet

In the case of a BusinessCruise with two nights and time for breaks and social activities, it is quite obvious, as the majority of our customers do, to choose a 2- or 3-course company menu one way and buffet the other way.

The buffet has a sea of different dishes to choose from, and that makes it easy for the person in charge of the meeting, because there will be something for everyone. The company menu works really well as the finale of a successful event, because the gastronomic level has been increased.

Head of Business Sales Kim Fuglsang who handles DFDS 'business customers, including advice on meeting catering and menu options.

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