Make the boss happy

Make the boss look good

If you do your job well, the boss also does his job well. Here are four great tips to strengthen your collaboration with the boss.

By Simon Kudal

The job as personal assistant or secretary to the boss is challenging with many different tasks and caps. Your role is constantly evolving, and in order to give your boss the best possible conditions, you must both be a good informal sparring partner and have an overview of planning a busy day. Here are four great tips on how to get the boss to do his job better.

1: Know the boss's expectations
About 40 percent don't know what their boss expects of them. It shows a study from Ennova. But having a strong relationship with the boss has many benefits - among other things, it means you know which tasks to prioritize; you gain knowledge of what is happening at the management level and it creates confidence in the collaboration. This will lead to increased job satisfaction and increased trust between you and your boss.

It takes effort to establish a good relationship with the manager, and it is especially about strengthening the person and being loyal. You need to have a clear idea of what terms your boss is working on and make yourself clear what works and what doesn't. It is very much about continually reconciling goals and values for cooperation.

2: Be proactive
Tasks can quickly land on your desk from elsewhere in the house, without actually agreeing - perhaps because others don't bother to do them. It can be difficult to manage the amount of tasks and therefore you should be aware of your most important responsibilities which it is critical that you get resolved. From a helicopter perspective, you do this by looking at what tasks will strengthen your boss and the organization as much as possible.

Agree with the boss that the essential tasks are your job - not everything else that happens to end up on your table. It's about setting clear boundaries and daring to ask for the things you need to do your job. You have to say on and off in a way so your messages go clear - without compromising your relationships with colleagues and boss.

3: Strengthen communication
You sit on a key role in the organization from which the manager's communication with various departments and key persons is handled. If you learn to understand the differences and how communication is best done, you can bridge your boss and key business partners. An invaluable feature that will put your boss in a better position in daily work and promote communication within the organization.

Pay attention to small beginning signs of disagreement. It allows you to play a key role in stopping conflicts and disagreements before they develop and may even become problematic for your boss. Conflicts devour the employees and cost the organization a lot of money, so they need to be resolved as soon as possible, so that if you can catch them in the end, you both create value for the organization and save your boss a lot of hassle.

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