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Christmas breakfast on the lake shakes people together

That's why this year's Christmas lunch is the most fun at sea

A company party on the lake creates the best conditions for shaking people together by ensuring that your employees stay together throughout the crossing.

It could have been the funniest night of the year, but suddenly the guests are scattered for all to see, some have been taken home, others further into town and you are left with a company party fuser in hand.

At Oslobåden, your employees have no other agreements or obligations and no opportunity to "run away" on a city trip.

When the ferry leaves the quay, you can put your problems behind you, and together with the ship's crew focus on making this year's Christmas lunch the most fun.

Driving manager Anja Grønneskov took care of this, as she wanted to give her employees an extra carrot, and therefore took 48 employees on a festive crossing.

We have chosen a trip with the Oslo boat, as we want to gather people, shake us more together. When you are away from home and can relax from domestic duties and work, you get closer to people,” she says.

Presence in large surroundings

Even large companies can find themselves at ease on the Oslo boat, where the surroundings create the best setting for the funniest party of the year without upsetting the intimacy.

“We had a really good trip, the food was good and the selection perfect. We were placed at the very back of the hall, which gave us the opportunity to say a few words to the employees without disturbing the other dining guests, ”says Anja Grønneskov.

The Oslo boat has a wide range of dining and party options, so it is possible to find something for everyone's taste. It all helps to ensure the funniest party, which does not go down to drinks or good mood.

## Collection of employees

John Kalo, head of the Arthritis School, also took his 28 employees to a company party at sea.

“They had to gather without being able to go home. As in a voluntary prison. They should be able to have fun together and team build, ”he says and continues:

“My experience is that employees go home if they get too tired. Here they were bound to stay. ”

Instead of your employees going home prematurely and ruining the party atmosphere, they can instead go to bed and sleep the brandy out in one of the ship's many different cabins.

John Hansen, owner and CEO of his own moving and haulage company, had previously tried go-karting as entertainment for a company party. Now, however, he has replaced fast wheels with a ride on the water, in order to better strengthen social relations.

"Here, people are really shaken together," he says.

Christmas onboard

Christmas lunch

A unique Christmas lunch that everyone will remember.
Everything you need, gathered in one place.
5 hours in lovely Oslo.

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