There are many things that play a part in the success of the corporate party. Here are a number of pitfalls you should be aware of in planning the corporate party.

By Simon Kudal

Click formations
There are clicks in all workplaces, and if these groupings are not effectively broken, you risk the whole purpose of the company party falling to the ground - shaking employees across existing groups. It's about getting to know your colleagues better, and it just doesn't happen if you have the whole party talking to them, you talk to each day. This is best avoided by making a fixed table plan where you distribute colleagues across the fixed groupings and departments. Generally, a good advice is to place people at small round tables in groups of 8 to 10 if that is an option. That way everyone can talk to each other. If you make long tables, you usually only talk to the sideman and the person opposite.

Rainy weather can put an end to the great party atmosphere for any outdoor party. Few people want to party if they are wet and freezing, so it is extremely important to have an emergency solution ready in case of rain. There may be several solutions to the problem - if you have arranged the party outdoors, you should have a secondary location in the back as plan b. Another is to choose a place where there is the opportunity both inside and outside. You can also hold the party in a large party tent - in which case it makes sense to set it up a few days before so that the substrate does not get wet and spongy due to rain.

No foundation in the company
A company party must reflect the company, so it should also be planned by several of the company's employees. The corporate party is a celebration of the employees and the company, so it is also important that the employees can recognize the company's culture during the evening. One really good way to ensure that is by setting up a party committee, so you are more about planning the evening's course. Here you can discuss what message you want to convey and what experience you will give the guests. It often gives creative results to involve employees in planning.

For a little food and drink
Food and drink must be in order and there must be enough of it, otherwise it will be remembered by the guests - and not for the positive. Basically, 600-800 grams of food per person should be counted. For each dish you choose, simply add the amount of ingredients and adjust to hit the 600-800 grams. For example, if you want to serve a heavy dessert, you can turn down the starter. It is also important that you consider how many drinks to buy. As a starting point, you can count on the following per person: 1.5 glasses of welcome drink, 2 glasses for starters, 3 glasses for main course, 1.5 glasses for dessert, approximately 1 glass of cognac or liqueur, and 3 glasses of beer or water per person.

Get an offer at the perfect corporate party

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