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Quiz yourself for a great corporate Christmas lunch

Guide: 4 quizzes that start the company party

Do you fear that this year's party will end with employees rolling their thumbs while looking at the clock? Read here, where we give you four quizzes that start the party.

There is nothing worse than a failure of a company party where time seems to have stalled and the amusement never goes beyond the boss's so-so jokes.

But fear not, because there is a solution: Activate the employees with a quiz and avoid the awkward silence. Quizzes have the excellent effect of shaking the company together, and it can work wonders among employees who otherwise only know each other from the daily routine at work.

That's why you get four ready-made quizzes here, so you can easily fire up during the company Christmas lunch.

Classic: Jeopardy

A classic, of course, is Jeopardy. The vast majority know the format, and many have guessed from the couch when the program in its time was broadcast on television. Jeopardy is therefore the guarantor of a cozy party.

The quiz has a number of different categories, and for each category there are five questions worth 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 points respectively. The questions are answered with "who is ..." or "what is ...".

Employees are divided into teams, and each team chooses a word or sound that they are known for for convenience. A quizmaster assesses which team is fastest on the trigger and is allowed to answer.

If you do not have the courage to create your very own Jeopardy quiz, you can find a sea of ready-made templates on the website

## Kahoot

A more modern quiz form is the popular Kahoot. Here you can use the website to tailor your very own quiz.

The company can access the quiz by going to via mobile. The quiz master simply needs to make sure to get the Kahoot quiz up on a screen where participants can see questions and answer options. Participants answer their mobiles and the system calculates who has answered correctly the fastest. Continuously, the position is revealed and eventually the winner.

One of the possibilities at Kahoot is that the quiz master can take the company and its employees as a starting point and thereby the company gets to know each other better. A quizmaster can, for example, collect small, fun quirks or experiences that the employees have been through, and which the colleagues then have to guess.

Read much more about Kahoot and get instructions on how to make the quiz here.

## Matador quizzes

Who does not love Matador? DR rebroadcasts the popular TV series more often than the rest of us change underpants, and therefore there is a good chance that the company knows Korsbæk and the city's residents at their fingertips.

Test your employees through a series of questions about Maude, Mads Skjern and all the others from the series. What was the name of Mads Skjern's first business in Korsbæk, and who was it that gave servant Boldt a blue eye after his affair with Agnes?

The company can be divided into teams, or the quiz can be all against all. Get inspiration for the quiz or print the finished version here.

## The historical quiz

Another option is to test the company's historical knowledge. This is where your employees need to dig deep into their memory, for who was it now, it was, and when was it right now? Old days are something that everyone loves to debate and talk about.

The employees can be divided into teams, or the quiz can be everyone's fight against everyone. The quiz can be built around a period of time, and there are an enormous number of templates on the Internet. One of them is this quiz with 14 questions about the 70s.

All the quiz requires is a catchy quiz master, paper and pencils for the participants, and then the entertainment for the company party is otherwise ensured. There is no reason for the company party to be an unparalleled peat thriller.

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