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Spice up the Christmas lunch with 3 fun games

Tired of Christmas games? Here are three fun activities for your Christmas lunch

Here are three suggestions for some fun games for Christmas lunch that can create a shared experience and help kick-start the party.

Christmas is full of traditions, but the line between traditions and threshing activities that we only embark on because “we usually” is fine. Here, however, we give you inspiration for new games, which can form a breeding ground for new traditions for the company Christmas lunch.

You, as the organizer, typically do not have much time to come up with something, so we have focused on games that are relatively easy to prepare, set up and run.

Smartphone quiz

As a cheerful feature for a Christmas lunch, a smartphone quiz can be a great fun idea. With just a little effort, you can set up a digital quiz that is easy to run and participate in. is an online platform from which to create and run interactive quizzes, and all that is required of the party participants is that they download the free Kahoot app on their smartphone.

From the quizmaster's side, a little more preparation is required for the quiz to be a success, as knowledge and fun facts must be collected for the quiz - possibly. about the partygoers.

TIP: If the quiz is to be a surprise, then questions can be collected as in "Guess a Facebook user" below.

## YouTube Christmas Songs

We all know the feeling of hearing the same songs over and over every Christmas. But what exactly is the song called? The Quizmaster selects a series of well-known Christmas songs and plays 10-20 seconds of each track via YouTube.

The party participants must then write down the song's name and / or artist on a piece of paper, and the one who has the most rights in the end wins. As a third scoring element, year can also be a fun addition.

The latter can be especially useful if the quizmaster chooses to allow the party participants to watch the video at the same time. In this case, the name and the artist will appear clearly on the screen in advance.

TIP: Kahoot can possibly. is used to keep track of the party participants' answers and can also add a "stress element", as points can also be given for how quickly the answer is given.

## Guess a Facebook user

The Quizmaster finds funny statements from some of the party participants' Facebook profiles in advance. They are read aloud and the rest of the partygoers then have to guess who it is.

Another variant of this game can also be to select a number of profile pictures where the owner of the profile is not on - or to use a blurring tool to blur details in the picture.

This can also be done in relation to status updates, where parts of the status are blurred and where the party participants have to fill in the missing / blurred word.

TIP: Kahoot can possibly. also used in this context. The quiz master can enter the update, and the party participants then get four answer options.

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