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Summer party with colleagues

Company party specials this summer - save 50% on the cabins and get free breakfast

Do you want to make this summer's company party something special? Keep it at sea. Right now you can save 50% on all Standard cabins, with and without ocean views, all week. In addition, we spend FREE breakfast both round trip! Our skilled advisors will help you with all planning - from social dinners, to team-building activities and conference rooms to meeting day. When the big day arrives, just sit back and take part in the party. Contact us today! We tailor a journey to suit their needs and budget.

2 nights onboard

Up to 6.5 hours in Copenhagen

Delicious onboard cuisine

Conference offers: Save 50% on all Standard cabins, with and without sea views, all week.

Departure periods: 1 May - 25 June and 9 - 31 August 2020.

Order Deadline: February 15, 2020

Combine the summer party with a conference

A summer party with colleagues at sea is something very special. From boarding you are literally in the same boat, but still not - you get time for both social dinners and team building, as well as the long-awaited real time of duty-free shopping and rest. On board you have the opportunity to combine the social with a meeting day or two, completely free from the distractions there at home. We have meeting rooms to suit every need - from workshops, just a casual talk about new ideas and thoughts for the year, or a conference with a fixed agenda. It should be said that there is something different about meetings at sea. You not only get a fantastic view of the sea, but also a freedom to think differently and be a bit more creative and concentrated than usual. At least we mean it now!

Conditions: The offer is valid when ordering min. 8 persons and on departure during the periods May 1 - June 25 and August 9 - 31. Subject to available cabins and conference rooms. Only applies to new orders. The offer cannot be combined with other offers and discounts.

Teambuilding in Copenhagen

The Danish capital offers a bunch of experiences in the summer, so what about bringing your colleagues on:

  • A day with 'Summer in Tivoli' where rollercoasters, games, high sugar spins and carousels bring out a slightly different side of each other than you normally experience together?
  • Taste yourselves through food from all over the world in the many food stalls at Reffen. Here you will surely find the good summer vibes.
  • Get a guided tour and see more of Copenhagen by bike, Segway or on foot.
  • Take a boat trip in the canals with their own electric boat and see several of Copenhagen's landmarks from the water's edge.

Social dinners

A journey is not complete without the good social dinners in good shape, and on board are restaurants with something for everyone.

If you want that little extra, you should go to Sea. Here, food is prepared from raw materials linked to the nature around us and the combination of exciting ingredients gives you the ultimate culinary experience.

Blue Riband Gather the whole group to a great party dinner in Blue Riband. You combine your own 3-course menu based on an exciting and rich menu.

7 Seas Here you will receive a seasonal buffet with both classic and modern dishes. Restaurant 7 Seas is a good option for large groups with multiple preferences.

Explorers Steakhouse
In Explorers Steakhouse you get juicy quality steaks and although the steak is the centerpiece of this restaurant, you also of course get the classic accessories that put the icing on for a perfect steak dinner.

Award Winning Ferry Crossings

We are Europe's Leading Ferry Operator 2012-2019 and the World's Leading Ferry Operator 2011-2019!