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Our guests tell

At DFDS we are often honored to host our guests' anniversaries - and we are proud of that. Because when something is to be celebrated, you want to be pampered and everything has to be in order so you can relax and enjoy the party yourself.

Here on the site we have gathered some of our guests' experiences of partying on the Oslo boat.


Departure 08.25 - 08.27 2017

THOUSAND THOUSAND THANKS for an unforgettable 40 years party at sea!

I chose a 3 course dinner menu at Restaurant Blue Riband, we ate the delicious breakfast buffet the following day upon arrival in Oslo, we had dinner at the 7seas buffet restaurant, and then we had coffee and tea with the birthday cake in the Red and White Wine bar, before we took over the dance floor at Colombus nightclub! ALL my 21 guests were MEGA happy with all the meals, drinks and entertainment being on top!

I would like to thank my contact person Hannah Kelly, who has been the brain behind my party's great success :-)

The breakfast restaurant manager Christina was also really helpful and nice and smiling! and then there were Casino staff who were also very warm and fun !! Our waiters in Blue Riband were all just super smiling, and helpful - THANK YOU to all of you!

I highly recommend DFDS when you want to have a super, well-planned, and unforgettable party, and think not to stress when / how to get home from the party, it happens on board :-)

Many thanks to ALL and to DFDS :-)

Mvh Stephanie


Thank you so much for giving me a birthday party I will never forget, if ever.

My guests have all as one, thank you, for a fantastic Party event. The children are planning their birthday party trip.

I should say hello and thank you for the lovely food: the party dinner, buffet in 7Seas and not least the breakfast buffet.

Thanks again for a great event, and the great help with planning and execution I've been given. This is not the last time I have a party on board. But expect me to come to other parties on board first :-)

Laila Henckel Qvant


Departure: 14/4 - 16/4 2017

Our daughter should not be confirmed, but the "party" she should not miss. She did not want to party, however, but would rather go on a cruise with the family and none of us have been with, sorry, on the contrary.

We were over 8 people and decided on the Confirmation Offer. Here you pay everything before departure, except for drinks and get a tailor made arrangement. We had some things that we would have liked to add to the offer, which was no problem at all. With this arrangement, no one had to think about washing dishes, cooking, table plans or anything other than to enjoy ourselves, which we all did. In part because of the family company, but just because of some incredibly good staff who even, despite the hustle and bustle, had profits to fix in our event so we got an even better experience out of it, thank you very much !!

Everyone was incredibly pleased with the food, which was really delicious. We were in the restaurant the first evening and the second evening we got a buffet and of course we all enjoyed the breakfast buffet.

Thank you very much for the trip, this is not the last time we have a party this way !!

Sincerely, Charlotte and family


Departure: 03.24 - 26.03 2017

My husband and I had decided that we should celebrate my birthday with a trip with DFDS to Norway. For a very, very good time we arranged it with you. But for various reasons, we were constantly changing our appointments. But it was no problem for you, so we had many lovely conversations with you.

The result was that we had to sail from Nordhavn to Oslo on March 24 and we and our guests had to stay in Commodore Luxury Cabins. Right from the reception at the check-in in Nordhavn, we received a wonderful treatment. We also did the sequel to all the places we had contact with. Be it the Lounge and where we ate breakfast, dinner and in the nightclub. The food was wonderful and the staff were fresh and well-liked everywhere.

At no point were we missing anything. Everything worked impeccably and the rooms were lovely too. We enjoyed it all. We and all of our guests thought they had had a wonderful experience. Even our bus driver in Oslo made us have a nice and wonderful experience in Oslo, he did more than you expect, so also a big thank you to him. That way my birthday became a day I will never forget !!

So a big thank you to everyone who helped give us this experience.

Sincerely, Werner and Vivi Bøgh


Departure: 24/3 - 26/3 2017

We would like to express a big thank you to Hannah for organizing our trip with the Oslo boat, where we celebrated our Gold Wedding, it was an unforgettable experience for all of us big and small, we were given supper service and service throughout the trip and the menu was fully in top. And then we had a nice weather, with the most beautiful entry to Oslo on Saturday morning / morning.

Sincerely, Bente & Ankjær Stenskrog


Departure: 2/12 - 4/12 2016

We had a super good trip and we felt it was a huge success. We are already considering whether to take a trip with you again next year :)

Thanks a lot for good service Hannah - both for the cruise and for the day itself. You made me feel 'safe' throughout the planning.

If there's one thing I need to put a finger on, it was our time reservation on Friday night. It was a little late for us to eat first at. 20.30, when we should already be on the boat at. 16.30. But if it is a fully booked cruise, then I can see that it is not possible for everyone to come earlier :)

Our wish for our group of friends of 12 was to try a slightly different Christmas lunch this year. DFDS had a great deal - a trip on the Oslo boat with a Christmas lunch theme. We saw this as the perfect opportunity for us and we were not disappointed.

The tour included most things, a fantastic Christmas lunch buffet, live music and dance floor, delicious drinks, a nice breakfast the following day, etc. And as a bonus we got a day to explore Oslo. We got the best service during the entire cruise, and we would love to go again next year.

Sincerely. BOLETTE


We had a fantastic weekend at Pearl. Your service and care for our group was top notch. The food, both at 7 Seas and Blue Riband was fantastic, Blue Riband deserves 6 stars in terms of both food and service. All this we had no doubt since my wife and I were on New Year's cruise with Pearl 2014/15. We will come again. We wish you and the entire crew at Pearl Seaway a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sincerely. Wolfgang and Lisbeth Wetendorf


Out: 2 / 12-4 / 12 2016

I just got home from a party cruise to Oslo. We were 11 people on a family trip, adults and children. I had been recommended by some friends who had also had a very successful family trip. I contacted the booking office, here started the good experience, absolutely fantastic service.

The trip itself was also a really good experience for everyone. The food was top notch, very varied and delicious. There was special children's food, super good. It was easy to make time to go on the boat for everyone. There was plenty of entertainment, and a great view at the entrance to Oslo and the Sound. In Oslo we went sightseeing by bus and guide. I can recommend it.

It was an amazing trip for everyone that we will definitely do again. And which I would recommend to others.

Sincerely, Birgit Mariann Knudsen


Departure: 16.09 - 09.18 2016

We have had a very good contact by phone with DFDS regarding our family trip / party to Oslo, and subsequently received good as well as in-depth information about the event by mail.

Great satisfaction with the help and service received.

We have had a fantastic adventure tour / party with our family. Everyone really enjoyed the trip. The sailing trip was beautiful. The food was top notch, with the huge selection available in the morning as well as the buffet in the evening. The cabins in the lounge area not to be forgotten - there were just so neat and clean everywhere. The lounge area with the large selection of snacks, cake, coffee and drinks was also fantastic.

From the time we arrived and during the voyage back and forth, we were welcomed by the friendly and helpful staff of DFDS who we can only praise very much for their service.

We've all had an unforgettable trip. It won't be the last time. Sincerely, Kirsten


Departure: 30/09 - 2/10 2016

Just returned from a PartyCruise with the family of 10 people, consisting of 6 adults, a half adult of 15 years and 3 children. I want to say thank you for a very nice service. Always positive and with an answer to everything.

From the booking to the boarding, everything was perfect and the cabins lived up to expectations. Our cabin was so nice. All the table reservations were done and the food was super. We were just so pleased. All the way through a perfect family trip. We will come again!

Bodil Kristoffersen


Departure: 15/7 - 29/5 2016

On the occasion of my 50th birthday, I booked a Party Cruise at DFDS for Norway, because I wanted to be pampered and have an experience with the purchase. I just have to promise that I got it.

Right from the start I got good service. We were shown which way on the ship we should go to find our cabins. Afterwards we met at Columbus Night Club for a welcome drink, and here the staff was ready immediately and very friendly and with a big smile on. For dinner, the staff also had no doubt that we were a company. We were totally in control of who we were and we were best served. The buffer in 7 seas was fantastic and everyone went saturated from there. The rest of the day was explored in the duty free shop, wellness lounge and last but not least at the Columbus Night Club.

The next day we got up early to see the entrance to the fjord to Oslo, which was very beautiful. Then we had breakfast and were ready to explore Oslo.

We walked from the boat up to the city, where we explored the various cafes, restaurants, etc., but we were also just past the castle and the park. Then we went back to the ship, where some of us took the time to go to the spa on the deck. Here was a really sweet swimmer who constantly made sure we got bubbles and good treatment. Pure luxury - soooo good. Later in the day I just got a massage trip, it was fantastic and very delicious.

Then we got to the party menu. Here the servant came and personally provided for all of us, and there was also one who provided for the further course of the evening. The food was really good and the service top notch. When we finished eating, I got a box of chocolate and a bottle of sparkling wine, and then we were taken down to the Columbus Night Club, where a table was reserved for coffee with a small one. Here we were also served by one particular servant. It was extremely good service and a great day that I will never forget. Indulgence on all heads and edges. Unfortunately I did not get to visit the casino, but I can try that next time.

Last day was up and having a bath, having breakfast, and then otherwise home with a really good experience richer. Can only say it was the best birthday ever. It was worth it.

Well I can only annoy me that you can only turn 50 once, but can always take revenge later. For one more trip, that will probably come.

As a minus, however, I would just like to point out that the guests who had breakfast in 7 seas were not completely satisfied. They mentioned, inter alia, that the coffee was amenable and then I would also say that the departure from the boat, both in Norway and in Denmark was very chaotic. After all, everyone wanted to go out at the same time, and the place just wasn't there, so was a herring in a barrel. But otherwise a good experience and good service.

Thanks for good treatment,



Departure: 4/7 -6/7 2016

I just want to say thank you so much for a fantastic trip, everything has just been so positive, from the cabins, the food, the staff, etc. We were all very excited and can only recommend celebrating a birthday this way.

I left for MiniCruise to return to Oslo, where I celebrated my 50th birthday. We got some amazing cabins which were like a double room in a hotel. I just felt like we were VIP guests, from the time we came on board until we were in Copenhagen again. The staff took care of me and my guests and were always sweet and kind and very helpful. It was an unforgettable trip!

Mvh Tine


Departure: 27/5 - 29/5 2016

I decided that my 70th birthday should be celebrated as a MiniCruise to Oslo with 33 peers.

Initially, it should be stated that everything clapped. The planning was serious, taking into account several fixes on my part.

The event itself went smoothly without any problems. The staff understood the occurrence of the incidents immediately with great conduct, taking into account the gradually high average age of the guests. Everyone knew where to go during the trip and the staff understood how to serve us in the best way. The food was really nice and adapted to the guests and everyone was happy with the cabins.

My conclusion is that it was a fantastic event and it is highly recommended for peers who come to mind about a similar event.

Bjørn Ole Blikdal


Depart: 17/11 - 29/5 2017

We had a very successful trip to Oslo with DFDS. The onboard service was top notch. Maybe especially highlight the trip home with Crown. That the sun was shining and that Oslo appeared from its best side helped on that. The hotel was also perfect. Nice standard throughout.

Many greetings Merete and Henning Hummelmose

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