Aarhus - Photo credit: Robin Skjoldborg
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Hoteltrip to Aarhus

Cruise & hotell
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Aarhus - Denmark - Photocredit - Willy Grauby

Citytrip to Aarhus

Aarhus is an incredibly fascinating city, full of contrasts. Experience trendy street food restaurants, Michelin food and the modern art museum ARoS, with a rainbow-colored panoramic view of the city, or take a walk back in time at the Mosesgaard Museum and the Old Town.

If you want a holiday full of experiences, then this is the place to go. Either on a weekend trip with your loved one or a group of friends, or for some lovely summer holidays with the combination of city and beach life with the family.

Travel conditions:
A booking surcharge of DKK 75 per person is added. total order online. In the event of a new order by telephone or personal inquiry, a service surcharge of DKK 150 per person is added.

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Start your holiday at sea

Drive the car on board the boat in Oslo and have a relaxing experience at sea before you start your city break in Aarhus. From the ferry terminal in Frederikshavn it only takes two hours by car, and before you know it you can check in and enjoy a good night's sleep at the hotel of your choice. The next morning you wake up refreshed and ready for wonderful experiences in the urban city.

If you travel by car, you have more freedom, you can pack as much luggage as you want, and you can easily explore places that are just outside Aarhus.

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