Afrobeats Cruise HERO

Afrobeats Cruise to Oslo

Afro Beats Cruise

Two evenings and nights onboard

    7 - 9 April 2024



Week 8

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Check-in closes14:45

All times shown are in local time.

Please note that timetables may change subject to weather conditions.

Afrobeats party


Afrobeats is a powerful and vibrant genre with roots in West Africa. The genre originated in the 1970s in Nigeria and Ghana, and is an electrifying fusion of traditional elements such as fuji music and highlife and more modern genres such as Dancehall, hip-hop and R&B. Fela Kuti, the father of Afrobeats, created the genre's unique sound, characterized by fast percussion and funky horns. Today, Afrobeats resonates on the world stage, known for its euphoric rhythm and indigenous roots. The world-renowned and Nigerian artist Burna Boy is one of the genre's leading artists and one of those who have made Afrobeats more mainstream. He reflects the essence of Afrobeats - a living tale of the African continent's cultural richness and unspoiled potential. Afrobeats, a musical journey through the soul of Africa and a global soundtrack for dance and community.

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Entertainment on board

MC Cruise - at deck
Couple in the tax free shop

Two evenings at sea

Join us at this year's MC Cruise to Copenhagen and have two pleasant evenings at sea with relaxation, delicious food, duty-free shopping and socializing with other like-minded people from all over the country.

Begin your journey by lowering your shoulders and enjoying life on the deck with something cold in the glass. When hungry comes creeping in, there are several restaurants to choose from, with everything from juicy quality steaks in Explorer Restaurant, to buffet in 7 Seas. Keep in mind that it is a good idea to order food in advance to have a table reserved for the time you want.

Don't forget to treat yourself to something from the tax-free shop along the way. Here you will find a large selection of clothes, shoes, perfume, makeup, sweets, drinks and much more.

MC Cruise - i Nyhavn
MC Cruise - utepils i sola
MC cruise - visiting Nyhavn
MC Cruise i København

Beatiful Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a fantastic city to visit and it is not without reason that the capital is one of the Norwegians absolute favorite destinations.

Experience everything from world-class shopping, great attractions and must see destinations, exciting food markets and delicious Danish sandwiches.

How about making the trip to Nyhavn and one of the nice restaurants along the quayside for this year's last outing? Sit down and enjoy delicious Danish sandwiches with a cold beer and the little extra. It's happiness!

Nominee for Europes Leading Ferry Operator 2023

Behind Every Journey

We are proud to have been nominated as Europe’s Leading Ferry Operator 2023 by the World Travel Awards.  

This year, we’re taking a moment to celebrate and recognise the reasons why we continue to get nominated – and win this award – year after year...the amazing people behind every journey.  

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