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This spring's most magnificent adventure

We repeat the success and hold TrønderCruise to Copenhagen 17 - 19 April together with Vømmelgutan, P.A. Røstads Orchestra, Gras Trio and many more!

Look forward to two maritime evenings at sea filled with entertainment, wonderful music and 'heels in the ceiling' - atmosphere in the late night hours! In Copenhagen, the good experiences continue with their own, Trøndelar lying-room with Harald Morten Bremseth and Viggo Valle.

If there is one experience you should treat yourself to this year, this is it! Read more about the program, the cruise and the packages below.

Tax-free Shopping

Delicious onboard cuisine

2 nights onboard

Departure: April 17, 2020

TrønderCruise - package 1 without bus: from 2399, - pr. pers. v / 2 in Standard interior cabin including event t / r

TrønderCruise - package 2 by bus: from 2899, - pr. pers. v / 2 in Standard interior cabin including event t / r and bus from Trøndelag to Oslo, and back home.

The different packages

Package 1 without bus: Cruise to Oslo - Copenhagen including entertainment on board, as well as its own program and bus transport to / from Krøgers Have in Copenhagen

Package 2 by bus: Cruise t / r Oslo - Copenhagen including entertainment on board t / r, as well as its own program and bus transport t / r to Krøgers Have in Copenhagen. Package 2 also includes bus transport from Trøndelag to Oslo on April 17 and back on April 19. See separate route map for bus pick-up and stops. Note: none of the packages include meals. This can be added to the order process. On departure day April 17, the musicians will gather for the "Musicians' Dinner", dinner buffet at. 8 pm in restaurant 7 Seas. If you want to dine with them, you need to order dinner at the same time. If you want Danish sandwich lunch in Copenhagen at Krøgers Have, order and pay via Vipps to Midt Event by April 17.

Terms and conditions: Lowest price when 2 parts cabin when ordering at Our prices are dynamic and are driven by supply and demand. The price will therefore vary and some departures may have few or no places at the advertised price. The offer only applies to new orders. Does not apply to group trips. Bookings by phone will receive a management fee of NOK 125, - per order

Krøgers Have

Krøgers Have is a traditional Danish restaurant located in beautiful Frederiksberg Garden. The restaurant dates back to 1864, and although it has been more than 150 years, the restaurant's nostalgia and pleasant atmosphere has been preserved as it originally was. Traditionally, you can enjoy delicious Danish sandwiches, cold beers and snaps served by smiling staff in ostrich skirts.

Krøgers Have is surrounded by beautiful greenery and sights, and a pleasant walk is almost mandatory once you are in the area.

We can also tip about the Cisterns, Copenhagen's former water reservoir, which is nearby. This is now turned into an exciting and mysterious attraction that changes from year to year. Also the old Carlsberg factory, Husbryggeriet Jacobsen, is close by.

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