An important update from DFDS and Nectar on our partnership.

From 17th May you will no longer be able to collect Nectar points with DFDS. This is the last date you can collect points when booking your ferry crossings through DFDS.

Read all the FAQs below.


  • When will DFDS stop offering Nectar points?

From 17 May 2023, you will no longer be able to collect Nectar points when you book through the DFDS website or app after that date.

  • If I made a booking before 17 May 2023, how long would it take for Nectar points to appear in my account?

Nectar will do this for you as quickly as they can. All Nectar points you earn with DFDS up to 17 May 2023 will be in your account within 28 days of 17 May 2023.

  • What happens to my existing Nectar points?

Don’t worry, the Nectar points you collected with DFDS will still be available through your Nectar account at nectar.com

  • Will I still be able to see all the Nectar points I collected with DFDS?

Yes. Just head over to your Nectar account at nectar.com to see all the points you collected with DFDS.

  • Will DFDS still know my Nectar card number after 17 May 2023?

No – DFDS receive an encrypted card number for every booking and are not able to decrypt your Nectar card number. Your privacy is protected by strict GDPR rules that we will, of course, always follow. Only Nectar have access to your numbers.

  • Why is the DFDS / Nectar partnership program ending?

From 17th May 2023, the end of the existing partnership between DFDS and Nectar will draw to a close. We regularly review our partnerships and will look to pursue other loyalty initiatives, which will see our customers benefit from even more personalised experiences.

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