Ocean Conservation Trust

OCT Partnership

Ocean Conservation Trust Partnership

We’re delighted to be partnering with the Ocean Conservation Trust (OCT), a charity and team of ‘Ocean Optimists’ who aim to protect our oceans and coastlines.

Their latest project, Blue Meadows, aims to protect the lost seagrass on UK coastlines, some of the most important habitats for a range of sea life.

In the UK, up to 500 hectares of seagrass beds are being lost annually, mainly due to human activity such as pollution, boats anchoring and destructive fishing activity.

We aim to support OCT’s goal of protecting 10% of all UK’s seagrass over the next 5 years – that’s the size of 700 football pitches!

Find out more about the Blue Meadows project in this video from OCT. You can also read more about the Blue Meadows project via their dedicated webpage:

Ocean Conservation Trust

October 2022 Update

The Blue Meadows protection work in Falmouth has been a great success. The market buoys were successful in deterring the majority of boat users from anchoring on sensitive seagrass habitats, protecting significant numbers of sea life in the process.

The Ocean Conservation Trust Team have even branched out into pubs! Working in partnership with Falmouth Harbour Authority, they have designed beer mats which can be found in local pubs in Falmouth, with the aim of bringing awareness to the protection of seagrass, to both local residents and tourists who visit the area. A brilliant way of raising awareness of these sensitive habitats while locals enjoy a drink!

Great work from the Ocean Conservation Trust in protecting our marine life. DFDS staff are hoping to visit the sites early next year to learn more.

Ocean Conservation Trust

September 2022 Update

The Ocean Conservation Trust (OCT) are continuing their aim to protect seagrass on British coastlines and are currently working on the next protection site which will be in Torbay in Devon. Here, they are aiming to protect at least 54 hectares of seagrass meadow to allow it to regenerate. OCT are working with Tor Bay Harbour Authority and together they are aiming to install marker buoys to designate the protected area next spring.

OCT have also collaborated with our ORCA Conservationists onboard to provide educational material to inform our passengers about the benefits of seagrass as a habitat for sea life.

In other OCT news…

While collecting seagrass seed across for another project, OCT encountered a range of vibrant sea life that call seagrass home! Starfish, Plaice and Conger Eel were just some of the species enjoying the rich habitat seagrass provides!

Ocean Conservation Trust
Ocean Conservation Trust

Why is seagrass so important?

Seagrass meadows provide an ideal environment for biodiversity, housing up to 80,000 animals in a single hectare, including endangered animals such as sea horses. It also reduces the likelihood of the erosion of our coastlines and can be a vital carbon store for the future. Did you know seagrass can absorb carbon up to 35 times more efficiently than tropical rainforests? This wonder plant is hugely beneficial to sea life across the globe and it’s so important to protect it. Find out more about these amazing seagrass meadows in this handy infographic.

Find out how you can support The Ocean Conservation Trust below:

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