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Active family holiday

Want to break away from the hustle of the city? Visit a family vacation spot in Europe - Center Parcs in Germany. Cozy cottages surrounded by nature and lots of sports and leisure facilities. Arriving in Kiel by DFDS ferry is easy to reach with your car.

Enjoy the tranquility of nature on the terrace, try water sports or go hiking - all in one place for the perfect vacation for your family.

Daily crossings

No baggage restrictions

Travel with your vehicle

Enjoy a meal onboard

    Please note that 2 separate bookings are required - one with DFDS and one with Center Parcs

Center Parcs Germany - pool

How to book

You have to make two different bookings:

  1. Book your ferry tickets at DFDS ticket booking system
  2. Book Center Parcs by using one of the links provided

Please note that accommodation reservations are made directly through the Center Parcs system. Further steps or changes must be made on the Center Parcs website.

Center Parcs Germany - accommodation

Convenient and easy

You will find a choice of different cottages, from standard to exclusive, including tree houses or lakeside cottages. Arrive in your car so you can travel around the area and pick up as much luggage as you want. Do you like cycling? Take bicycles with you, there is no car traffic on the Center Parcs complex so you can enjoy safe rides with your family.

Onboard facilities

Couple in cabin onboard Kiel-Klaipeda


Dependant on your travel needs, you can choose spacious and comfortable Commodore cabins or smaller and economical cabins.

Center Parcs Germany - pool

Family time

Center Parcs offers a large selection of leisure activities. Have fun in the water park, swim in the subtropical pool, relax in the spa, and choose from a wide selection of restaurants. Enjoy mini golf or climbing, water sports and many other activities.

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Prices are subject to availability. Telephone booking fees apply. Terms and conditions apply.
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