ORCA onboard Newhaven-Dieppe

Learn about life in the sea with ORCA and DFDS


Take part in exciting activities about wildlife in the sea

During this summer's sailing trip with DFDS, you can meet our marine environmental activists from ORCA for a chat about life in the sea and its conservation. In addition, there will be fun activities for both children and adults.

You can help scout for animals from the deck, and perhaps catch a glimpse of some of the exciting species that can be found between Copenhagen, Frederikshavn and Oslo. In the waters between Helsingør and Helsingborg, for example, the sight of porpoises is not rare, so look for them when the ship approaches this area.

Look forward to an engaging and educational activity that brings you closer to marine wildlife!__

Children enjoying Orca onboard Newhaven-Dieppe ferry

What is ORCA?

Until 11 September 2023, you can meet ORCA volunteers on board our two ships between Oslo, Frederikshavn and Copenhagen.

What is their mission?

These marine environmentalists look after the animals that live in the sea. One of their purposes on board is to observe the various marine animals. By listing the areas where these species live, volunteers, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, can take measures to protect them.

Onboard Experience


Championing the Seas!  

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