TaxFree - Large selection of products for the ski holiday

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Get ready for the ski holiday!

We have a huge selection of products in our TaxFree shop - and always really good offers.

Right now we have WINTER SALES on many products that are relevant to you who are going on a ski holiday. You save at least 20% compared to the prices in the shops in Denmark.

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Winter clothes for Women

Now you can look forward to soon skiing and feeling the sun on your face, in the white snowy landscape.

Here it is nice to have an outfit that keeps you both warm and comfortable. We can help you with that. In our TaxFree shop, we have a large selection of ski clothes for women, where you can buy what you are missing with good discounts - from jackets, to trousers and socks and a lot more.

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Winter clothes for men

The skis are calling and good experiences await on the ski slopes! But do you have all the ski clothes you need?

If not so fear not, in our TaxFree shop we have an offer on a large selection of winter clothes for men, which are both comfortable and warm in just the right way. Here you can get jackets, socks, knit sweaters and whatever else you are missing for fun times in the snow.

Candy Sale Freia and Maribou
Candy Sale Malaco
Candy Sale Kvikk Lunsj

Candy and Sweets

Are you missing a little for the sweet tooth? We all know that sweets can both get your mood up and add energy to an activity-rich day of skiing.

In our TaxFree shop, we have good offers on delicacies you would like to be able to pull up your pocket after a few hours of skiing, or which you will put your teeth into in the evening - everything from licorice to wine gum and chocolate.

Then you have both for when there is speed across the field and for when to later have fun.

Save 30% Gammel Dansk
Save 20% Jagermeister and Royal Danish Navy
4 for 3 Casillero del Diablo Cabernet

Wine and Spirits

Maybe a glass for the food or to warm you up?

When you are returning from an energetic and active day of skiing, it can be nice to have a glass to fall on and which provides a little warmth.

With a look past our TaxFree shop you will find great deals on several high quality spirits that you will be able to enjoy on a relaxing evening. And then you can also be sure to come across tasty wines that are also great deals on.

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It's unbelievably fun to ski. But the cold temperatures mean that it can also be hard on the skin, so it is a good idea to take care of it a little.

With a visit to the TaxFree shop, this need not be a concern. Here you can get products that help the skin not become crunchy-dry, but instead stay soft and delicious.

There are both lip balm and moisturizing sunscreen - all something the skin will thank you for using!