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With great ocean views as a backdrop, our knowledgeable guides take you through a journey for all tastes. You can choose between wine, beer, champagne, whiskey or cognac flavors. The different vessels may have different contents on the tasting courses.

wine tasting

Tasting available

Wine tasting
Taste the world in the Red & White Wine bar. With a great ocean view as a backdrop, our guides guide you through the exciting origins and tastes of the wine.
Champagne Tasting
For beginners in the world of Champagne, we offer a type of Champagne tasting.
Beer tasting is an exciting and tasty experience. You will get to taste 5 selected beers from the Brewery Skands. The beer tasting includes snacks.
Take a trip to Scotland by freshening the palate with tasting different varieties of whiskey. At the same time, you become more experienced in the whiskey world, and maybe you learn something new.

We also offer Cognac tasting . The selection consists of some of Martell's best Cognacs. An experience out of the ordinary!

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Compass bar onboard Newcastle-Amsterdam

Incredible Wine Bar

In our beautiful wine bar we have an exciting selection of excellent wines at price ranges to suit a wide audience. For the wines you can order tasty tapas. After tasting, you can also enjoy scented gourmet coffee.

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