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DFDS and Stichting de Noordzee unveil artwork

On March 22, 2018, the artwork 'Colors of the Sea' was unveiled at the DFDS terminal in IJmuiden. Commissioned by The North Sea Foundation, artist Klasiena Soepboer's creation portrays how man's waste increasingly determines the color of the sea. This work of art is a gift to DFDS, as a token of appreciation for making the Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour 2017 possible. During this tour, the North Sea Foundation cleans the entire Dutch North Sea coast with thousands of volunteers and therefore draws attention to the waste issue.

'In this work I have searched for a form in which the viewer is initially attracted to the plastic. This by presenting the work in an aesthetic and in a way that is not immediately recognizable. With the subsequent realization that this is plastic, I hope to raise awareness. " - Klasiena Soup farmer

DFDS supports approach to plastic soup.

The plastic soup endangers the wildlife in the sea. That is why ORCA and DFDS were happy to roll up their sleeves during the Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour 2017 . DFDS sails two ships across the North Sea every day, from IJmuiden to Newcastle in England. For a number of years DFDS has been working with ORCA, an organization dedicated to the protection of animals living in the North Sea. In the Wildlife Center on board our ship KING Seaways, ORCA staff give lectures to our guests to teach them more about wildlife in the North Sea. They also go with them in search of birds, dolphins and other wildlife. In this way we want to contribute to the knowledge about the North Sea and the animals that live in it.

Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour from Stichting De Noordzee

The North Sea Foundation received help from 2,748 volunteers during the fifth edition of the Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour. In just over two weeks, they made the entire North Sea coast - from Cadzand to Schiermonnikoog - waste free. This turned out to be desperately needed, as no less than 14,929 kilos of waste were disposed of. The majority of this consists of plastic waste. The results were announced on 15 August during the festive closing of the clean-up campaign in Zandvoort.


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