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150 year DFDS treat

150 years DFDS treats: employees become shareholders

IJmuiden, Friday, December 16, 2016 - More than 7,000 DFDS employees become co-owners of the organization.

On Friday, December 16, the employees of DFDS celebrated the 150th anniversary of the organization at all DFDS ships and locations throughout Europe . At two o'clock in the afternoon all employees received the news.

A party for everyone

DFDS shares this 150 jubilee year shares out to its more than 7,000 employees. Everyone who was employed before December 1, 2016 and works at least 24 hours a week, will receive 30 shares with a total value of around 1,200 euros (10,000 Danish Kroner). Employees who work fewer hours receive shares in proportion to the hours they work. "Few organizations are in a position to celebrate their 150th anniversary, and even fewer are happy to do so in a year in which the company is likely to achieve the best result ever," said DFDS CEO, Niels Smedegaard. "That is why we not only wanted to celebrate our founding and our founders, but also to praise our many employees. They ensure that DFDS can continue to grow in the future and contribute to the trade and travel industry."

9.5 million shares

The shares remain frozen for the next three years, after which they can be sold by employees who are now co-owners of the company. The total value of the shares issued amounts to more than 70 million Danish kroner. This amount comes down to almost 9.5 million euros.


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