DFDS Pearl ferry at sea

Discover Europe and pay less

Discover Europe and pay less now!

Did you know that DFDS ferries run 24 hours a day from Dover to France? Take advantage of the 'From Dusk to Dawn' promotion and you will save 20% on night crossings.

Only for a limited time can you go from Dover to Dunkirk or Calais from £ 36 for a car with 9 passengers in each direction.

If you travel at night, you won't come across many drivers on the road, and therefore you will reach your destination much faster. In addition, the on-board facilities operating 24 hours a day will help you spend a pleasant time.

• 20% discount on night crossings • £ 36 per car + up to 9 passengers • Calm, quieter cruises • Full relaxation on board

To make a reservation, go to https://www.dfdsseaways.pl/oferty-specjalne/zmierzchu-do-switu until July 17.

Important information By using the DFDS summer promotion "From dusk to dawn", for a lower price you can go only at selected times of cruises, you can not make changes and you can not get a refund.

The price is based on the ferry crossing Dover-Dunkirk. The offer is available when booking one way or two ways for cars up to 2.35 meters high and up to 9 people and motorbikes / motorbikes with side baskets up to 2 people. Exclusion dates apply. The offer may be withdrawn at any time. See more conditions here: https://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/customer-service/offers-promotions   For more information or to book a flight, please visit: www.dfds.pl

About DFDS: DFDS is the largest integrated shipping and logistics company in Northern Europe with a network of about 30 routes and 50 cargo and passenger ships. DFDS prides itself on offering world-class facilities and services, and the largest selection of ferry routes to Northern Europe. In the UK, the company operates passenger services on routes from Dover to Calais, from Dover to Dunkirk, from Newcastle to Amsterdam and from Newhaven to Dieppe. DFDS received the title of "Leading Ferry Operator in the World" for eight years in a row (2011-2018), as well as "Leading European Ferry Operator" in the years (2012-2019). DFDS currently operates up to 54 flights a day between Dover and France on the Dover-Dunkirk and Dover-Calais routes. DFDS also offers two daily flights between Newcastle and Amsterdam. In addition, the DFDS network includes passenger and freight services between Newhaven and Dieppe, where four daily flights are operated by Transmanche Ferries.

Ferries on the Dover-Calais, Côte Des Dunes, Côte Des Flandres and Calais Seaways routes fly under the banner of France. Ships sailing on the Dover-Dunkirk route, Dover Seaways, Delft Seaways and Dunkerque Seaways and sail under the flag of Great Britain.

For more information about DFDS or to check the latest timetable, fares and offers on all routes from the United Kingdom, visit www.dfds.pl.

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