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__Newcastle, Tuesday, November 8, 2016 - Score your Scottish kilt extra cheap or enjoy an afternoon tea. __

For a high tea in England or always wanted to be the proud owner of a Scottish kilt? Take your chance now with DFDS ! Thanks to the historically low exchange rate of the British pound, you currently receive more pounds for your euros. As a result, you do not have to pay attention to the little ones for an overnight stay at Claridge's in London or unlimited shopping in Newcastle! The ferry cruise company brings you completely at ease to England or Scotland where you can start your spending party.

Set the right course

The current exchange rate value of the pound now makes traveling through Great Britain even more attractive! According to the Financieel Dagblad , the pound reached the lowest level since 1985 at the beginning of October. So what are we still waiting for?

The ferry cruise company DFDS takes you comfortably and possibly with your own vehicle in two hours from Dunkirk / Calais to Dover (from € 28) or from IJmuiden to Newcastle (from € 88). On this last route you will spend the night on a MiniCruise on board to discover Newcastle the next day. In addition, DFDS now also offers special Christmas Cruises (from € 59) to optimally fill the space under your Christmas tree. Dine during the Mini and Christmas Cruise in one of the restaurants, enjoy popcorn during an exciting movie in the cinema or treat yourself to a drink in one of the trendy bars. Children also optimally enjoy the crossing thanks to the Kidzclub. Enough to do on board, but what about once you reach Great Britain?

Spend those pennies

Below no less than six highlights or must-have buys with which you are now on average 15% cheaper compared to the beginning of 2016:

  1. (Santa) shopping!

Slowly the Christmas madness breaks loose again in Great Britain! From attractively decorated shopping streets to shop windows full of Santa Claus; guaranteed that you will pass that one unique Christmas present at the Christmas markets of Edinburgh, Newcastle or London! Nice to know that the pound is historically low and that DFDS has no baggage limit. That means now even cheaper unlimited shopping and filling your bags, also during the sale in January!

  1. Afternoon tea or a night's sleep at Claridge's

Did you shop yourself tired in London? Then take advantage of the low price and spend the night in the (luxury!) Famous London hotel Claridge's . If your budget is a bit smaller, then afternoon tea with a pinch, fresh pots of tea and many savory and sweet delicacies is also a real treat here. Moreover, you are probably still full during dinner so this tip is double economic!

  1. Cheers mate!

From local craft beers to mixing your own GTs; the city of Newcastle has something for everyone! Put together your own gin and tonic in the classy bar Pleased To Meet You or treat your friends to an extra Newcastle Ale at the The Bridge Tavern brewery thanks to the low exchange rate of the pound .

  1. Nice and airy, such a Scottish kilt Because a road trip to Scotland with DFDS is within reach, so is the Scottish kilt! The Houston Traditional Kiltmakers have been a household name in Scotland for four generations with their designs and weaving techniques. As a souvenir, gift or of course for your own use, you are now a lot cheaper at these Kiltmakers than at the start of this year.

  2. Score your favorite football shirt now

Football fans, eat your heart out! When football is considered a religion in a city with the St. James stadium as their church, it goes without saying that the Geordies cannot lose their luck when Newcastle United plays a home match. But also the Premier League clubs Sunderland and Middlesbrough regularly kick a ball here! Are these clubs entirely your thing? Then take a hit in the St. James shop where you can now 'score' your favorite shirt even more cheaply!

  1. Outdoor Scotland

A cozy B&B with a view of the vast Scottish landscape: the dream for every outdoor junkie! Start your adventure with a hike from Westerton Bed & Breakfast in Callender, on the edge of the Loch Lomond National Park and experience Scottish beauty at a bargain price.


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