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Facts and myths about traveling by ferry

Facts and myths about traveling by ferry

Many of us choosing a vacation, visiting friends or even a short weekend getaway wonders what mode of transport to choose: plane, train or maybe a car, and what if you need to cross larger water with the help of the ferry? Are the costs too high? What about saving time? Do you have to sit in the car all the time? What about internet access? How much luggage can you take? What about animals? What about seasickness? The award-winning ferry operator DFDS has prepared a list of points to lift the myths around the ferry crossing.

These questions and many more cause that many myths have arisen around the ferry crossing. Let's compare plane and car travel on the Warsaw - London route. The important issue is the time we have. Theoretically, a flight from Warsaw to London takes two and a half hours. So much in theory. In practice, along with arrival at the airport, check-in, flight, another check-in, waiting for luggage and getting to the destination, it takes, depending on where we leave and where we land in London, a minimum of 6-7 hours. What about the ferry? Driving a car, we have to cover a distance of about 1600 km, so on average 17-20 hours of driving, including the ferry. Much, much longer. In return, we receive many additional benefits.

  1. Baggage - we can take a certain number of kilograms in our luggage on board, strictly limited by the type of ticket we buy. Meanwhile, we can take as much luggage as we can fit in the car on the DFDS ferry. So we don't have to limit ourselves to one suit or two favorite pairs of shoes.
  2. Price - the price of a low-cost airline ticket can be tempting, especially when we fly only with hand luggage. But what if we need to take more luggage? Access to the farther airports from the city means additional costs and time. In the holiday and holiday seasons, air ticket prices go up dramatically, even those bought out well in advance. A simple calculation shows that the price of a return flight ticket during this period is more expensive than a ferry crossing and gasoline needed to travel our route. Not to mention the amount of luggage already mentioned. With a minimum of two people on the road, it becomes much more profitable. The DFDS ferry ticket is the cost of crossing the car. Regardless of how many people travel in it. This solution becomes very economical when traveling with children or a group of friends of several people.
  3. Internet access - one of the biggest myths of ferry shipping. It would seem that on the water without access to fiber optics the Internet simply does not work. Meanwhile, during the entire cruise we have access to a local Wi-Fi network without major problems. It may happen that it works slower, but it is and we can use it.
  4. Freedom of movement on the deck - it's a huge advantage of traveling by ferry. Not only that, we can admire the views at the port from which we sail and to which we enter, but during the cruise, we can stay on board in nice weather and enjoy the fresh sea breeze with a cup of coffee or tea in hand. For lovers of romantic experiences, the view of stars during a night cruise will provide an unforgettable experience. After a few hours of driving, such a break is like a nice gift. In addition, time can make us a tasty meal in a restaurant or shopping in a duty-free shop.

*Naomi Harper PR Manager for DFDS says: The entertainment options we offer on DFDS ferries vary depending on how long your cruise is, while all our ships are equipped with places where you can relax with a good book or newspaper. You can also go to the upper deck and breathe some fresh sea air, and maybe you can see some interesting species of fish or birds.

Ferries on the Newcastle-Amsterdam and Copenhagen-Oslo routes provide a wide range of options and during night cruises no one will be bored. You can visit one of our bars and have a drink, listen to live music, take part in games, watch a movie at the cinema or try your luck at the casinos. DFDS ferries on routes across the Baltic Sea have well-equipped bars where you can drink good drinks and watch the match on the big screen. *

  1. Pets on board - another added value for those who travel with pets unable or unwilling to leave them at home. If we have all the necessary documents issued by the vet and required by the services needed to travel our pet, we can safely take him on board. However, we must be very careful here. Lack of any document may result in not letting our pet on board.
  • Naomi Harper from DFDS adds: You can take your furry friend on an exciting journey abroad instead of paying to keep him. Under the DEFRA Pet Transport Program (PETS), DFDS ensures the safe transport of pets on board ferries. During longer cruises, you can easily visit your pet. *
  1. Sea sickness - many people are afraid of it and often for this reason give up ferry travel. Meanwhile, the actual rocking of the ferry is small and can only be felt with really large storms.
  2. Lovers of luxury - they will also find something for themselves on the ferries. Special zones dedicated to those seeking peace, comfortable places and dedicated waiter service are available for an additional fee. Similar to priority boarding.
  3. For traveling with children - a nice surprise may be the fact that there are play areas for children. Everyone who has a child will appreciate the possibility of organizing fun with other children, during which they will stretch their bones in a safe environment, go crazy, letting the energy suppressed while riding and allow parents a little respite.
  4. Delayed on the ferry - if you miss the plane, we miss the flight, and for the next we have to pay the full amount of the ticket, usually much more expensive, because we buy it at the last minute. We also have no guarantee that such a place will be available. When we are late for the ferry, and it is known that various things can happen in the way, there is no great tragedy. We will stay in a lot of available places around.

*Naomi Harper from DFDS adds: On routes through the English Channel, if you are late for your flight for any reason, e.g. you are stopped by a traffic jam or problems arriving at the port, you can take the next flight without any additional costs (subject to availability). If you have a Flexi ticket, you can change your departure date up to 72 hours.

The aspects described above are just a few examples. Traveling by car, we can always come across the match broadcast during the world championships or other events to one of the towns passed on the route. All you need to do is take a little off the main route and we have a great opportunity to get to know the local delicacies and the lives of the people living there. Often also making new friendships. And finally a sea adventure awaits us.

For more information or to book a flight, please visit: www.dfds.pl*

About DFDS: DFDS is the largest integrated shipping and logistics company in Northern Europe with a network of about 30 routes and 50 cargo and passenger ships.

DFDS prides itself on offering world-class facilities and services, and the largest selection of ferry routes to Northern Europe.

In Great Britain, the company operates passenger services on routes from Dover to Calais, from Dover to Dunkirk, from Newcastle to Amsterdam and from Newhaven to Dieppe. DFDS received the title of "Leading Ferry Operator in the World" for eight years in a row (2011-2018), as well as "Leading European Ferry Operator" in the years (2012-2019).

DFDS currently operates up to 54 flights a day between Dover and France on the Dover-Dunkirk and Dover-Calais routes. DFDS also offers two daily flights between Newcastle and Amsterdam. In addition, the DFDS network includes passenger and freight services between Newhaven and Dieppe, where four daily flights are operated by Transmanche Ferries.

Ferries on the Dover-Calais, Côte Des Dunes, Côte Des Flandres and Calais Seaways routes fly under the banner of France. Ships sailing on the Dover-Dunkirk route, Dover Sea-ways, Delft Seaways and Dunkerque Seaways and sail under the flag of Great Britain.

For more information about DFDS or to check the latest timetable, fares and offers on all routes from Great Britain, visit www.dfds.pl

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