New route

NEW: DFDS opens new route between Frederikshavn and Oslo from the 25th of June 2020

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that DFDS is launching a new route between Frederikshavn in Denmark and Oslo in Norway.

On the new route, our two popular passenger ships Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways will sail to and from Frederikshavn on the way to Copenhagen and Oslo respectively.

There will be a daily departure from Oslo at 12.00 with arrival in Frederikshavn at 22.00 the same day, and a daily departure from Frederikshavn at 23.30 with arrival in Oslo at 09.00 the next morning.

This means that our sailing times between Oslo and Copenhagen will change. We will sail daily from Oslo at 12.00 with arrival in Copenhagen at 09.00, the next day, as well as a daily departure from Copenhagen at 14.00 with arrival in Oslo at 09.00 the next day.

This will give you even more time to enjoy explore the ship and enjoy the onboard experience. This new route between Oslo and Frederikshavn connects the Norwegian capital with the fantastic Danish coast and nature of North Jutland, with its unique surroundings and beauty. Frederikshavn is the ideal starting point for everything North Jutland has to offer.

This part of Denmark offers long sandy beaches, beautiful scenery, art, culture, events and lots of exciting activities that ensure an unforgettable holiday. Not to mention all the benefits of taking your own car, and experiencing all that our spacious cruise ferries have to offer. Traveling with DFDS is the perfect relaxing start to your vacation.

We are working on introducing a number of new measures to ensure a safe and convenient journey for all our guests. More information about the new measures can be found here.

We ask you to make sure that you are familiar with the current travel advice of your local authorities, and those of the destination before planning your trip. Information from Danish authorities is available here and information from Norwegian authorities is available here.

Welcome aboard our new route!



Frederikshavn is the ideal gateway to all that Northern Denmark has to offer. With its vast coastline, beautiful scenery, exciting activities, local cuisine and art and culture, North Jutland has it all for a memorable holiday for families and couples.

Oslo is the perfect entry point for holidaymakers bound for all the experiences Norway has to offer. Norway is even more that a fantastic ski-holiday location, from the stylish capital itself to the many activities and amazing sights and scenery, Norway really will stimulate the senses summer and winter. With the benefits of taking your car and experiencing everything our spacious cruise ferries have to offer, travelling with DFDS is the perfect relaxing start to your holiday.

Social distance

Safety measures

We have been busy making a number of changes to our experience to ensure you can relax and enjoy social distanced travel. For more information on the many new measures we have introduced, you can read more using the link below.

Please ensure you understand the travel guidance from your local authority and the destination you are travelling to before making your plans. Information from the Danish Government can be found here {relevant link} and Norwegian Government here {relevant link}.