DFDS Pearl ferry at sea

DFDS reduces prices for ferry cruises

Save up to 15% on ferries between the UK and France

From today, the award-winning ferry operator DFDS announces a late spring price reduction, thanks to which you can save up to 15% on ferry cruises.

This offer applies to routes between Dover and Dunkirk or Calais. To use it, you must make a reservation by June 20 for a one-way or return trip. A 15% discount makes prices start at £ 38.50 / € 46.00.

Despite the fact that this cruise is not the longest, you will definitely find something interesting aboard the ferry. The range of entertainment is wide, from restaurants to children's playground. Boredom will not appear even for a moment.

DFDS offers up to 54 crossings per day, well-equipped ferries, and baggage restrictions do not exist.

To make a reservation go to www.dfds.pl/15

About DFDS: DFDS is the largest integrated shipping and logistics company in Northern Europe with a network of about 30 routes and 50 cargo and passenger ships. DFDS boasts offering world-class facilities and services, and the largest selection of ferry routes to Northern Europe.

In the UK, the company handles passenger services on routes from Dover to Calais, from Dover to Dunkirk, from Newcastle to Amsterdam and from Newhaven to Dieppe. DFDS has been named the "Leading European Ferry Operator" for 8 years in a row (2011-2018), as well as "Leading Ferry Operator in the World" (2012-2018). DFDS currently operates up to 54 flights a day between Dover and France on the Dover-Dunkirk and Dover-Calais routes. DFDS also offers two daily flights between Newcastle and Amsterdam.

In addition, the DFDS network includes passenger and freight services between Newhaven and Dieppe, where four daily flights are operated by Transmanche Ferries. Ferries operating the Dover - Calais, Côte Des Dunes, Côte Des Flandres and Calais Sea-ways routes sail under the French flag. Ferries operating the route from Dover to Dunkirk, Dover Sea-ways, Delft Seaways and Dunkerque Seaways operate the flag of Great Britain

For more information about DFDS or to check the latest timetable, fares and offers on all routes from Great Britain, go to www.dfds.pl/promy.

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