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From February 16, the shipping company DFDS will bring another ship back to the Paldiski-Kapellskär route, which means that the cargo and passenger ship will depart twice a day instead of once.

"Unlike our competitors, we have been able to keep our shipping line operational throughout the pandemic, so the demand for the route has increased significantly. Trade between the Baltic States and Scandinavia is brisk and has not been significantly affected by the corona crisis, as there are no restrictions on the transport of goods. In addition, people who go to work in Scandinavia still want to move across the sea, "said Peeter Ojasaar, DFDS Estonia-Sweden route director. The increasing number of departures also means safer travel for passengers in terms of the coronavirus, as DFDS's already large ships have more space for two departures a day and better opportunities to disperse people. "We take every precaution on board and sailing is definitely the safest way to travel right now. We recommend that you arrive at the port at least 1.5 hours before the departure of the ship to avoid queuing at check-in. Our ships are large and there is room for everyone to socially distance themselves, ”added Ojasaar.

Additional departures will be served by the cargo and passenger ship Patria Seaways with a capacity of up to 260 passengers, which will complement the cargo and passenger ship Sirena Seaways with a capacity of up to 600 passengers currently operating on the route. DFDS ships will leave Paldiski at 11 am and 10 pm in the evening. This is the fastest shipping route from Estonia to Sweden, as the total length of the voyage is only nine and a half hours. DFDS is a European maritime transport and logistics company operating more than 50 vessels on 35 routes in the Western, North and Mediterranean, as well as the English Channel. The Estonian branch of DFDS belongs to the DFDS group and serves the Paldiski-Kapellskär line on a daily basis.

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