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Take an unforgettable tour of Norway

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Discover the most beautiful views by car

Norway is the perfect country for a tour. The vast country has a nice variety of interesting cities and breathtaking nature reserves. If you travel by car, you can enjoy picturesque views of snow-capped mountains, glittering fjords and lush green valleys. Norway has some of the most beautiful and famous driving routes in the world, including the Atlantic Road, the Sognefjell Road and the most famous of them all, the Trollstigen route. And don't forget to stop at the picturesque towns and villages that dot the Norwegian countryside. You can explore the charming towns of Alesund, Bergen and Trondheim, each with a unique identity and fascinating history.

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Bekijk de fjorden en watervallen van zuid Noorwegen

Take a tour of southern Norway and discover some of the most beautiful sights the country has to offer. Admire the impressive fjords, such as the Sognefjord, Lysefjord, Hardangerfjord and Aurlandsfjord, which seem to go on forever. Get up close to breathtaking waterfalls such as Manafossen, Svandalsfossen and Langfoss, which cascade from towering cliff faces to provide a mesmerizing display of nature's power. With so much to see and do, a road trip through southern Norway is an adventure not to be missed.

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The most beautiful locations for a 10-day tour

A 10-day tour through Norway is a unique opportunity to discover this breathtakingly beautiful country. You'll start in the bustling city of Oslo and soon be surrounded by beautiful vistas as you travel to Lillehammer and Lom. Along the way you will experience the majestic Geirangerfjord and the charming city of Bergen. The journey continues with stops in Rjukan and Heddal before returning to Oslo for a final confrontation with this incredibly diverse destination. Each stop on this incredible route offers a unique glimpse into Norwegian culture and a chance to explore the region's natural beauty.

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Continue traveling from Norway to Sweden

A tour of Norway is a breathtaking experience, but why stop there? A visit to Sweden is the perfect addition to your adventure through beautiful Scandinavia. You have two options to suit your schedule and preferences: a short trip across the border or a longer trip through Sweden. Imagine breathtaking fjords and charming coastal towns in Norway, followed by medieval towns and picturesque landscapes in Sweden. The possibilities are endless and the memories will last a lifetime.


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