Travel moments that move you

Welcome to DFDS - Family on deck
Welcome to DFDS - Friends onboard cafe
Welcome to DFDS - Friends in bar
Welcome to DFDS - Couple onboard dining
Welcome to DFDS - Child on deck
Welcome to DFDS - Couple on deck - Sunset

Welcome to DFDS

Welcome to the holidaymakers and homeward bound. To the workers and the wanderers. To delightful destinations both near and far.

Welcome to the warmest of receptions. To our people who make your moments with us memorable in every way.

Welcome to our proud Scandinavian heritage. To our care, integrity and unrivalled maritime experience.

Welcome to time together, space to relax, views from sunrise to sunset and entertainment for all.

Welcome to a long and illustrious history and ambitions for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Welcome to a truly moving way of crossing the seas!


Behind every journey

Behind every journey lies a story waiting to be told. And the DFDS story is not just one of ferries and destinations. It is a celebration of the human spirit, the power of connection, and the magic that happens when dreams set sail.

We take pride in crafting extraordinary travel experiences where every chapter is underpinned by impeccable service and leads to enchanting destinations.

Behind Every Journey captures the essence of this, highlighting the exceptional moments, memories and people that make each voyage as special as the next.