Check out our awesome 150th anniversary videos and photos! Do check back frequently, we're adding more all the time.

DFDS was founded on December 11, 1866. Here, we take you on a journey across 150 years in 150 seconds, grateful for the people and partners who keep DFDS running today and into the future.
We are very pleased to announce that Živilė Čepulytė, a 3rd year student at the Vilnius Art Academy in Lithuania, is the winner of our 150th anniversary poster competition. We surprised her in class at the Vilnius Art Academy with news of her win!
We built the #WorldsBiggestLEGOShip together, in locations all over DFDS.
Henrik Hessellund, Captain of Ark Dania, just celebrated his 40th anniversary with DFDS. He gave us a glimpse of his life on Fanø.
André Jensen is a retired DFDS Captain and a master at painting ships. We visited him at his home on Bornholm.
Jubilee Seaways, officially the #WorldsBiggestLEGOShip, made an appearance on Trafalgar Square in London. She carried a 2 meter, 70 kilo LEGO Christmas tree onboard, since DFDS ships the real Christmas tree from Norway to Trafalgar Square every year.
The Guinness World Record Largest LEGO Ship, Jubilee Seaways, thrilled a group of children on Trafalgar Square in London in November.
Several thousand gathered under blue skies when Jubilee Seaways made her debut in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
There were fireworks in Vilnius when they revealed the #WorldsBiggestLEGOShip to those gathered on the main square.
The #WorldsBiggestLEGOShip arriving on Athena Seaways in Klaipeda in September.
Kids in France enjoyed the #WorldsBiggestLEGOShip!
Jubilee Seaways attracted quite a crowd in Dieppe!
A DFDS kite!
Entries in the colouring competition in Calais and Dieppe.
Colouring competition in Calais and Dieppe.
A version of Jubilee Seaways, the World's Largest LEGO Ship, for you (and your kids) to colour in! Just download, print and get colouring!
Jubilee Seaways, our world record LEGO ship, has embarked on a journey that lasts through the end of the year, visiting DFDS terminals and locations around Northern Europe. Chances are she’s going to be stopping near you. For more details on the visits in the different locations, you can check the country DFDS Facebook pages. They have all kinds of awesome 150th anniversary events planned!
All the facts about the Guinness World Record Largest LEGO Ship!
Christopher Lynch, an official adjudicator from Guinness World Records, worked with surveyor Atle Ellefsen of DNV-GL to take the official measurements (12.035m) and declare Jubilee Seaways the World's Largest LEGO Ship and officially amazing!
Director of the Lauritzen Fund, Inge Grønvold officially named Jubilee Seaways, the World's Largest LEGO Ship on August 17, 2016 at the DFDS Terminal in Copenhagen. She even used a special LEGO champagne bottle to mark the occasion.
Ever wondered how many passengers we transport on our ships on an average day? We thought so... It's 17,078 passengers! :) Bonus info.: We handle 107,539 lane metres of freight daily too! All this is only possible due to our dedicated employees, our business partners and our wonderful passengers. That's why, for 150 years, DFDS has been #MovedByPeople
For 150 years, DFDS has moved tons of cargo and thousands of people. It’s been a long and eventful journey across the seas and roads of the world to get here. We’re deeply grateful to all of our passengers, business partners and especially the dedicated employees who got us this far. To celebrate all of you and this great milestone of ours, we’ve created this anniversary film featuring our heroes – the people around us. Because DFDS is…Moved by People.
During the summer season, traffic across the English channel changes. From serving mostly single cars and trucks and trailers, DFDS vessels shift to moving thousands of caravans across the channel for summer trips from Manchester to Paris and all around. Speaking of Paris, one way to measure the length of the many caravans is in Eiffel Towers. :-) Check the infographic to see just how many it comes to.
DFDS moves a lot more than people and their cars. At the Larkhall chilling facility in Scotland, over 140,000 tons of Scottish salmon and other seafood are kept cold and fresh as they await transport to restaurants and dinner tables around the world. 90 employees work at the Larkhall facility which has 77,000 square feet of chill capacity and two efficient blast freezers that can each freeze up to 42 pallets of seafood in record time.
Taking the helm of any DFDS vessel for the last 150 years, the captain is ultimately responsible for the well being of passengers and crew members. Thanks to all of them, and all of you, we continue to sail ahead towards new horizons. DFDS is #MovedByPeople
People really like beer. They almost always have. For the past 150 years, DFDS has been moving people and their bottles around the world – even giving them the opportunity to enjoy a cold brew on board. On our Amsterdam-Newcastle route alone, we served 335,583 liters of ice cold beer in 2015.
Passenger Ships #MovedByOurHeritage
Freight Ships #MovedByOurHeritage