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About DFDS

European shipping and logistics solutions since 1866. Find information about the DFDS Group, its mission and strategy, financial performance, company structure, management, governance, policies and history.


DFDS vision and strategy

DFDS vision and strategy

Our vision is to deliver high performance and superior reliability, whatever we carry. Our people understand your needs and are committed to your success.

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DFDS financial performance


In 2017, DFDS achieved a return on invested capital of 19%, exceeding last year's result by 1.2%.

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DFDS Management


DFDS has a two-tier management structure with an independent Board of Directors.

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DFDS structure

How DFDS is structured

DFDS' business structure comprises of two divisions and two corporate service functions.

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DFDS trailer and vessel

Governance and policies

Our policies for corporate governance, diversity and remuneration are continuously evaluated with due consideration to current legislation, practice and recommendations.

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DFDS warehouse

Taking responsibility

DFDS aspires to act responsibly when we carry passangers and freight on our ships and provide transport and logistics solutions to manufacturers.

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DFDS ferries in the Channel

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Here you can download maps of DFDS' freight and passanger ferry routes as well as container and sideport vessels and routes.

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