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Kiel-San Pietroburgo

Kiel-San Pietroburgo

Merci pericolose
Trailer refrigerati
Container ISO
Container frigorifero
Macchine mobili
Merci industriali
Settore automobilistico



DFDS’ service on Kiel – St Petersburg ceases as external transport provider closes route

As DFDS doesn’t operate its own ferry between Kiel and St Petersburg, our service is maintained through chartering space on Finnlines’ ships on the route.

However, Finnlines has informed DFDS they will cease sailings on Kiel – St Petersburg as soon as possible. This means that DFDS’ agreement with Finnlines will end and that DFDS will have no service between the cities to offer our customers.

Last announced departures operated by DFDS:

  • Kiel - St. Petersburg - 07.04.2019, 00:30
  • St. Petersburg - Kiel - 09.04.2019, 22:00



  • Domenica


  • Martedì



Autocarri autonomi: 6 ore prima

Trailer: 6 ore prima

Altro carico: Secondo richiesta

Terminal di Kiel


DFDS Germany ApS & Co. KG

Ostuferhafen 15

24149 Kiel



Lunedì-venerdì, 08:00 – 16:30

Sabato, 08:00-12:00


Terminal di San Pietroburgo


DFDS Seaways Ltd. 1

Gladkiy ostrov

198095 San Pietroburgo



24 ore su 24, 7 giorni a settimana




Pictogram representing GHS hazard divisions 1.1-1.3, explosives

Esplosivi 1.1-1.3

Pictogram with a black flame on a red background, representing GHS hazard 2.1, flammable gasses

Gas infiammabili 2

Pictogram with a black flame on a red background, representing GHS hazard Division 3, flammable liquids

Liquidi infiammabili 3

GHS hazard pictogram showing division 4 (flammable solids)

Solidi infiammabili 4

Pictogram representing GHS hazard Division 5.1, oxidizing substances

Sostanze ossidanti 5.1

Pictogram with a skull symbol representing GHS hazard Division 6.1, toxic substances

Sostanze tossiche 6

Pictogram representing GHS hazard class 7, radioactive material

Materiale radioattivo 7

Pictogram representing GHS hazard class 8, corrosive substances

Sostanze corrosive 8

Pictogram with a black lines on a white background, representing GHS hazard class 9, miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

Merci pericolose varie 9

Trasporti eccezionali

Per unità di larghezza superiore ai 2,6 metri, saranno applicati i sovrapprezzi seguenti:

  • 2,61 - 3,00 m: tariffa base + +16%
  • 3,01 - 3,50 m: tariffa base + +32%
  • 3,51 - 4,00 m: tariffa base + +48%
  • 4,10 - 4,50 m: tariffa base + +64%
  • Da 4,51 m: su richiesta

La spedizione di unità di peso superiore alle 40 tonnellate è soggetta ad approvazione e verranno applicati dei sovrapprezzi.