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DFDS Tech Conference

Every year we host our internal Tech Conference – 3 days full of good practice, new tech, code jam and FUN! The 2018 edition was eventful, and the biggest internal event arranged on board our own ship to date. Get a sneak peek here.

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BLOG POSTS - DFDS employees

How DFDS lost its head

In 2017, we embarked on the digital transformation of dfds.com moving from a traditional CMS to a more modern “headless” CMS, Contentful. One of the important business goals for the organization has been moving thousands of pages from 15 separately managed local sites to a centrally managed website aligned across 22 markets. In this post we explore the challenges, the technical approach, and the business benefits of making the transition. Read Aleks Dubinskiy’s post, where he discusses the headless CMS solution at DFDS.

From Software Developer to Captain

I am glad to work at a company like DFDS. I started as a software developer four years ago and was immediately struck by everyone’s good spirits. Since then, not a workday has gone by without me having a laugh with someone. I learn something new almost every day, sometimes the hard way. We have celebrated great successes, and we have failed often and sometimes even fast.

Hvordan går man fra at være arbejdsløs humanist til IT akademiker på vej op af karrierestigen?

Jeg havde ikke meget jobheld med min kandidatgrad i litteraturvidenskab og valgte efter to års jobsøgning at blive optaget på ingeniøruddannelse IT, Communication and New Media på Aalborg Universitet København. I Danmark har vi glædeligvis gratis uddannelse, men dog kun én omgang SU.

Embracing Conway's Law

At DFDS, one of our core strategic initiatives is to have a software architecture that allows for autonomous teams, enabling fast time to market and easy scaling making sure DFDS delivers value to our customers. Read more from one of our software architects, Martin Oskarsson, as he tells about unique solutions he and others have developed at DFDS.

DFDS goes serverless

For the past year I have been part of the new cloud first initiative of the shipping and logistics company DFDS. The cloud first initiative is not a movement to force everything into the cloud but rather have cloud as the first option if it makes sense. Read Rune Abrahamsson's story, as he tells more about the cloud first initiative at DFDS.

What is development excellence in DFDS?

About a year ago I was given a great opportunity: To head up a Development Excellence team in DFDS. My first question was simply:” What is development excellence?” and I have since explained it many times. Now I thought it was time to do it in writing.

DFDS is a tech company, with a few ships!

This last year we have started a new era, trying to take our, IMO, pretty pro setup and do it even better. I guess I could name it "Beyond Pro." We have started measuring our time to market. Today, all teams have a potentially shippable product after each sprint, some teams can ship daily. We have started on a journey breaking down our monoliths, using a microservice architecture. This has turned into a strategic goal for DFDS.

We Need Some "Chaos"

Nowadays most of the big companies are moving into cloud-based development to have low-cost deployments and also to have flexible architectures for their services. Business needs pushed us into more scalable architectures which bring micro-service understanding. Read more about Chaos Engineering, as our chaos engineer Dudu Hazal OK tells us more about the IT Transformation happening at DFDS.

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At DFDS we offer a range of career opportunities at all levels in a truly international environment.

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