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DFDS has been planning for the consequences of Brexit for years and now has the people, systems, and processes in place to ease the transition for customers. If customers are worried about their customs processes, DFDS can take care of them.

DFDS Customs clearance

“Brexit has consequences for anyone trading with the UK. Since 2016, DFDS has worked with tax authorities, governments, customers and partners to help maintain the free flow of goods after the end of the Brexit transition period.

"We have been preparing our sales and service staff to offer advice and customs services to companies that haven’t been able to make the necessary preparations for the customs formalities required from 1 January 2021,” says Niklas Andersson, Head of DFDS’ Logistics Division.

Brexit is local

As customer needs are often location-specific, local DFDS teams have been trained to understand the local processes and legal requirements that differ from country to country, to prepare for their customers’ situation. “Customers appreciate our one-to-one approach where we check their Brexit readiness and look at the requirements specific to their business and supply chains. A first step is doing checks of their registrations, digital systems and the terms and conditions under which they sell their products, which impact their duty obligations.

“We also offer customers a complete process for declaration and Customs Brokerage services. The message is simple: if customers are worried about their customs processes, we’ll take care of it for them,” Niklas Andersson says.

Customs experts

”We already have many years of experience with assisting customers with customs processes, like in Immingham where, until now, customers have needed customs declarations and assistance for business with non-EU country Norway,” Niklas Andersson says.

Many DFDS entities are certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). This means easier customs processes: by committing to transparency in our organisation and processes, the authorities grant us simpler procedures to follow in exchange.

“We will continue informing customers about their own need to register with customs and prepare their business for customs formalities and how we can be of assistance via individual guidance, direct contact and a variety of digital channels, until 1 January and beyond,” Niklas Andersson says.

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